translated from Spanish: Venezuela: United States gave an ultimatum to those who accompany Maduro

Donald Trump, John Bolton, National Security Adviser pointed out in particular the President of the Supreme Court of Justice, Maikel Moreno; Iván Ramírez, Commander of the presidential guard and Chief Supreme of the Navy force revolutionary, Vladimir Godfather, so they end up with the Government of Nicolas Maduro. 

. @vladimirpadrino, @Ivanr_HD, @MaikelMorenoTSJ: Your time is up. This is your last chance. Accept Interim President guided’s amnesty, protect the Constitution, and remove mature, and we will take you off our sanctions list. Stay with Maduro, and go down with the ship. -John Bolton (@AmbJohnBolton)
April 30, 2019

“They ended their time.” It’s your last chance,”began the message, addressed to those who could tip the balance of the political landscape of Venezuela. Since the beginning of the institutional crisis, Juan Guaidó always sought the support of the military heads to knock ripe, but so far not got it. 
“Accept the amnesty of the Acting President guided, to protect the Constitution and withdraw to mature”, said Bolton.

Trump Security Wizard also stated that the mature output had been negotiated with the own guided and urged to comply with what was agreed at the chavismo. Bolton said that in that way they would take them from the list of sanctions affecting individuals and partner companies of Maduro. “Meet with Maduro and sink with the boat,” he threatened. 

Original source in Spanish

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