translated from Spanish: Victims walk up to 166 causes open and 248 abuses by religious in the country

A 166 amounted causes open against religious chil Enos researcher for committing sexual abuse, according to the update of the cadastre of the national prosecutor’s Office.
This latest retelling of the public prosecutor’s Office, which was informed by the national prosecutor Jorge Abbott, also increases the number of people investigated, amounting to 131; an increase that was also registered in terms of the number of victims who reported having suffered abuses and which currently 221 people together.
Among those affected, there are 131 victims who were minors at the time that ensures that the events took place.
With respect to those investigated, statistics recorded at 10 bishops, 152 priests, 9 deacons, 15 lay people, 8 people that information is not available and orders or congregations 27 without being clergy.
Since the last update of data from this file, last March 22, had been joined by 8 new cases, investigated new 2 and 7 new victims.
The publication of these new figures on investigations of sexual abuse within the clergy was given within the framework of the presentation of the signing of an agreement between prosecutors and the Episcopal Conference of Chile (CECh) to facilitate the development of these open cases.
The agreement, initialed by Abbott and Secretary general of the CECh, Bishop Fernando Ramos, aims to clarify and improve the process of investigation of this type of crime and preserve the protection of victims and witnesses.
“This has been a process that began in the middle of last year when we conclude the extraordinary plenary Assembly of the bishops in August of last year and we are committed to find a way to collaborate with justice so as to restore the truth and the” Justice in attention especially to the victims”, said Ramos.
The Bishop added that since the CECh, when a situation of sexual abuse of a minor, “deliver information according to a runway which is regulated”.
For its part, the national prosecutor explained that this agreement seeks “to have a commitment to the victims” and “investigate all those facts that come to knowledge of the public prosecutor’s Office regardless of whether or not they are prescribed”.
“We invite the victims to make complaints to the public prosecutor, because as you know there are crimes against adults who require the reporting of these people so that we can investigate,” said Abbott.

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