translated from Spanish: Assange is sentenced to 50 weeks in prison for having sought asylum in the Embassy of Ecuador

Julian Assange was sentenced in a London Court to 50 weeks in jail due to the fact that it would have violated the parole regime where he was when he sought asylum at the Embassy of Ecuador in the British capital. The sentence has been highly criticized precisely because of the non-consideration of humanitarian asylum request, but Wikileaks founder has one even greater challenge yet, because tomorrow will be another court hearing that will decide if it extradites him to United States, where it could accuse him of more serious charges. It should be recalled that it was seven years ago, 2012, when Ecuador granted asylum in its Embassy in London to the journalist, this in order to avoid being extradited to Sweden, a country in which he was accused of rape, though this case is stalled since then. Assange said in a letter read to the Court by his lawyer, Mark Summers that «I apologize unreservedly to those who consider that I missed them in this respect for the way in which I have managed my case» and added that «it was fighting against circumstances terrifying. At that time I did what I thought was best». Summers added that Assange feared, in that 2012, be extradited from Sweden to the United States and consequently to the prison of Guantanamo, in Cuba, this in particular by revealing information about war crimes committed by the world power in Irak.Assange was taken out of the Embassy of Ecuador to force by British police last April 11 with the permission of Quito.

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