translated from Spanish: Colo Colo fails and is eliminated on penalties in the Copa Sudamericana

A night to forget lived Colo Colo in the Court of the Es Monumental tadio. The Ecuadorian Catholic University achieved Tuesday qualifying for the second phase of the Copa Sudamericana after delete it in the wave of criminal who decided a duel that ended with a visiting Triomphe by 0-1 at the end of the ninety minutes.
The Ecuadorian team outperformed in Santiago Chile with a goal of Jeison Chalá in the first half, a result which after 0-1 obtained by Colo Colo in Quito, took the key to the wave of criminal.
The Hernán Galíndez saves in the shoot-out led to the Catholic University to the next phase of the South American.
Colo Colo had a good start of party, managed to get possession of the ball and created two very clear occasions of goal by Esteban Paredes.
With the passage of the minutes, however, the Chilean domain was diluted Catholic University took control of the clash, approached Brayan courts bow and pass half an hour got ahead with a goal of Jeison Chalá that equalized the tie.
Chala connected a zapatazo from the right edge of the area which came with the warm response of courts.
A few minutes earlier, walls sent a footed to the boom and just before the break missed a hand by hand with the Ecuadorian goalkeeper who would have helped Colo Colo to get ahead in the key.
The albos hurried the pace in the second half but the Ecuadorian Assembly managed to generate danger thanks to the fast counter attacks of their front.
Walls had opportunities to score but was just fine before the arch rival and Jorge Valdivia tried his luck with a distant shot that is poisoned and required the Galindez goalkeeper stretched.
In the wave of criminal, Andrés Oña missed the first pitch, but then marked the Saints, Andrés López and Bryan Oña.
Colo Colo could not transform any launch. Galindez stopped walls and Parraguez and Zaldivia shot hit on the stick and went outside.

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