translated from Spanish: Government Puruándiro restored monumental letters with history of the municipality

Puruándiro, Michoacán. -The Government of Puruandiro, headed by the municipal President, Belinda Iturbide Díaz, handed out the restoration of the monumental letters, which are unique to the State; each was hand-decorated with the history of the municipality, thus they reported in a statement.
This restoration was in charge of the chronicler of the city, Antonio Zavala Bucio, who included historical moments of Puruandiro, the above as an initiative of the Mayor to show part of the culture and the history of the region in the first box in each letter of the city.
Regarding this work, Iturbide Díaz concerned that this restoration was intended to give a sense of identity to the letters, «a people without history is a people without identity or principles, they were sent to restore these letters so they have a sense of» identity for the puruandirenses, we must know our history to bring forward Puruándiro»he said.
For his part, responsible for this restoration, Zavala Bucio stressed the importance of this work, «is part of the culture of Puruandiro, which is reflected in these letters, we must care for them, they are not a child’s game, I was working on them 40 days at the request of the» municipal President, must preserve them, Puruándiro is an old population, its history begins in the pre-Hispanic period, and represents in the letters to the present»
As part of the care, as well as providing information about what the chronicler represents each monumental letter, every Tuesday at 9:30 a.m., Antonio Zavala will offer an explanation of the history of the municipality expressed in letters, also it will serve requests for groups of 20 people who are interested in the subject.

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