translated from Spanish: In these countries they marched through the international day of work

Seoul, Korea of the South-thousands of protesters around the world took to the streets Wednesday waiting to receive better and more labor rights. Trade unionists and activists from Korea commemorated this first of may, so protests that will be repeated around the world throughout the day. An important Confederation of South Korea issued a statement with a workers ‘ organization North Korea calling on the two countries that continue forward with commitments made at a series of inter-Korean summits held last year. Many of the projects agreed between Seoul and Pyongyang, including joint ventures, were blocked by the lack of progress in nuclear negotiations between the United States and the North.

Members of the Korea Confederation of trade unions show posters during a protest by the international labor day, in Seoul, South Korea, may 1, 2019. Photo: AP

In Sri Lanka, the main political parties begun marches for safety reasons after the string of attacks suicide claimed by the extremist group Islamic State that left 253 dead the Domingo de Pascua.
French authorities, meanwhile, announced strict security measures in the acts of the first of may, and the Interior Minister said that there was a risk that «radical activists» could join the anti-Government movement of the Yellow Jackets and the accused both in Paris and elsewhere in France. In the streets, there will be more than 7,400 policemen, who will use drones to have a global vision of the marches and respond more quickly to possible acts of violence. In Bangladesh, hundreds of employees of textile and trade unionists protested in Dhaka by an improvement of the working conditions and higher wages. Construction workers, bus drivers, self-employed workers and domestic workers from the Philippines and Indonesia joined the demonstration in the Centre of Hong Kong.
The Organizer, the Hong Kong Confederation of trade unions, calling for a working week of up to 44 hours and a minimum wage of at least $54.7 Hong Kong ($7) per hour. Workers were demanding a legislation that will ensure the safety at work and the freelancers wanted basic protections as you entitled to claim wages impagados.Miles of low-paid workers took to the streets in Indonesia demanding increases, better benefits and improved working conditions in the Southeast Asia’s largest economy. In Taiwan, equipped with posters and flags, thousands roamed the center of Taipei demanding more furlough days and higher compensation for the hours extra.

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