translated from Spanish: Macri: «we support more than ever to Venezuela»

The tension in the streets of Venezuela increases by the minute while Juan Guaidó – self-proclaimed President Manager – carries out so-called «operation freedom», an armed movement to put pressure on Nicolás Maduro.En this context, Mauricio Macri published an series of tweets in which it reaffirmed its support to the head of the National Assembly:

«We support more than ever the democracy in Venezuela,» began the message, which also held «liberation of Leopoldo López» and accompanied «the fight of the Venezuelan people» to regain their freedom.
«We recognize the Encargado Guaidó President, the National Assembly and do not know the authority of the dictator Maduro»

In addition, the Argentine President took the opportunity to attack the populism: «the history of the last twenty years of Venezuela leaves a lesson and a warning for the entire region: when democracies are diverted to the Messianic personality and populism» sooner or later they are transformed into dictatorships».

For his part, guided informed through your account on the social network that «we have spoken with our allies in the international community and have their firm support to this irreversible process of change in our country». In this note:

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