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Aidee was about to fulfil one of his dreams: study in Ciudad Universitaria, campus of the «best University in Latin America», as he recounted to her friends. The race already had it chosen: Forensic Sciences. Their grades of excellence had granted it would advance to the faculty would like to without any problems.
But his dream was cut short Monday 29 April. Aidee was murdered in a classroom on the second floor of the P building of the College of Sciences and Humanities (CCH) East. Young was killed at her own school, classroom where taking a class.
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His family is originally from the village of Tempexquixtla in the municipality of Huatlatlauca, Puebla, an indigenous community of about 300 inhabitants, and where according to official data, nearly half of them have incomplete basic education.
But Aidee along with his brothers and his father currently living in Iztapalapa and it, among other things, had successfully an educational path that was about to place it in a faculty in University City.
One of her friends from school, who asked to book his name, defined it as a «quiet and applied, did not like to call attention or get into trouble». She was considered a homely girl, and didn’t you have a boyfriend. He recalled that the attention of it, as of other colleagues, was commissioning and graduation.
«We talked of the procedures of graduation, of everything that came after. Of what would be our first choice of career. They were our last days in the CCH… She was always very safe that I wanted to study at CU as opposed to other friends. Also talked us to was in a club of boy scouts)Boy Scouts) «, the young woman said.
The aunt of Aidee, Lourdes Cuautle, said that her niece had already chosen his career: Forensic Sciences. And he noted that the young, 18 years old, was not a girl that was in trouble.
«It was a very quiet, very studious girl very good daughter and very beautiful.» We are bewildered with what happened. It was a very pretty girl and an example to follow. It was always a student of academic excellence», said his aunt.
The school was one of the three activities that occupied the time of Aidee. Another was the clubs in Boys Scouts (boy scouts) to which it belonged for years. And the third was the religion that professed: the Church of Jesucristo of them Santos of the last days, known colloquially as Mormon.
Andrea Cuenca, a friend of Aidee which also belongs to the same congregation, said that the young man attended with much regularity Temple located in Hermitage Iztapalapa (where took place yesterday the mournful ceremony). And among the things that were in common, was that they liked the same music group: One Direction.
As well as all persons who knew her and spoke to this medium, Andrea defines Aidee as a noble girl, which participate in the activities of the Church and give «good» advice liked. Between tears, had its last meeting she just four days ago in the Church.
«Even the last time I saw her was on Friday just past, and she told me that she wanted the best for me, to find someone who wanted me and that I wanted to see happy, that she wanted me to see.» She had no boyfriend, the Church liked him more. It was a very virtuous woman. I saw it was always very long hug, so was she. Never wanted to let go. And if I had known that this was the last time I saw it, I would have least done…»
More than 300 people laid off it
Aideé Mendoza was dismissed by family and friends in the mormon Temple located on the Causeway Hermitage Iztapalapa, which she and her family frequented. The ceremony, which started at 10 in the morning and ended past 7 o’clock, was witnessed by more than 300 people.
The body of the young woman was placed in a coffin discovered in white, surrounded by 15 floral arrangements. Above it was placed a rose next to a bracelet with colors Blue and gold of the UNAM, and the legend «CCH Oriente».
Among those attending the ceremony were, in addition to the relatives of the young, masters of his school and his companions, many of them notoriously moved. He was also seen to young members of various associations of girls and Boy Scouts. And they were also present friends of his congregation.
No it was seen, at least visibly, to any authority of the Government of the UNAM. Allowed access to media, but without cameras, do so at the request of the family.
Shortly after the 7 and a half in the evening and after a ceremony of farewell the young man left in a white van accompanied by a large caravan heading to Puebla, to the hometown of his family. The caravan was composed of more than 20 vehicles, including two buses provided by United States authorities.
Feminicide: doubts and suspicion of negligence
Until last night the reason why Aideé Mendoza was murdered within their classroom remained unclear, as well as the weapon used. The autopsy which was performed confirmed that he died because of an injury by firearm, of a low caliber received on one side of the body, but hammered cartridge had not been located.
The Ernestina Godoy Prosecutor confirmed that elements there are no to suspect that the shot that the student received came from out of the classroom, by what the main research line points to an act of aggression perpetrated by someone who was inside the classroom. Yesterday continued taking Declaration to students who were inside the classroom – including six minors of age-, as well as Professor and campus managers.
In addition the Attorney of the city practiced different surveys, including one of reconstruction of facts, in the facilities of the CCH Oriente.
Other students across campus expressed in various interviews doubts concerning the manner in how were the authorities of the CCH to meet this emergency. One of the companions of the young man, named Zaira, said they spent at least two hours between which she saw a stretcher entering and who took Aidee.
Thus it relates what happened:
«The classroom where it was Aidee coworkers say that a noise was heard similar to when you uncover a soda, so they describe it, and which Aidee pulled itself and began to complain.» Near 3 o’clock I saw pass a stretcher an oxygen tank which really caught my attention. But it was very calmly up to the building.
And shortly after 5 o’clock is when she started to vacate the campus but they didn’t say why. They only asked that they vacate the school. And nobody understood. It was a supposed attack said. We were told that we were going as soon as possible. And when we left already had a forensic ambulance,»said the young man.
Relatives of the young also expressed doubts about the way in how he acted at school. An aunt of the victim, Gilberta Mendoza, said in an interview with journalist Azucena Uresti that his niece was 45 minutes in the infirmary of the campus without being allowed his transfer to a hospital, and accused managers of being responsible for this Association situation.
An internal police report released the day of the incident, and consulted by Political animalthat, indeed, received an emergency report at 3 in the afternoon on campus by which ERUM staff moved to the site. However, an information card from the local prosecutor’s Office designated as facts time 4 p.m. with 45 minutes.
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