translated from Spanish: Senators recognize winners of Olympiad of mathematics

City of Mexico.-La Senator Eva Eugenia Galaz Caletti, of Brown, said that education reform that encourages the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is will make education universal, inclusive, public, free and secular. The pronouncement made it at press conference, where he received as guests to the girls Ana Paula Jiménez Díaz, Nuria Sydykova Méndez, Karla Rebeca Munguía Romero and Nathalia de el Carmen Jasso Vera, winners in the European Girls Mathematics Olympiad, led to held in Kiev, from 7 to 12 April. In that contest, he said, our country took part as a guest nation and a Mexican won the gold medal for the second time. «Ana Paula! Nuria and Karla won silver medal, while Nathalia was awarded an honorable mention. Many congratulations on this achievement! «, said them.» You represent the hope of a better future for our country. Do not worry about the present; build it we are taking us President Andrés Manuel López Obrador-driven education reform».

The Senator Eva Eugenia Galaz with winning the European women’s Olympiad of mathematics students. | Courtesy

Galaz Caletti pledged to boost the incursion of girls and Mexican women in science.
«Thank you for your commitment to the study. By their desire to overcome, by being an example of tenacity, discipline and improves daily. Since these legislative halls, we are committed to continue the incursion of the Mexican science. Congratulations on your achievement,»reiterated. The Senator Citlalli Hernández Mora, also of Morena, said that the four girls above are a reflection of intelligent children in the country, for those who need support, must commit itself beyond political differences. At the time, Teresa Luz, President of the Mexican mathematical society, reported that for 75 years, this instance has been dedicated to the support and promotion of young talents in the field. He took the opportunity to request support from senators in general for financing the participation of teams and their coaches at mathematics Olympiads to be held in South Africa, and in the mathematics of Guanajuato Pan American. Three million pesos to meet that goal are needed, he said. Attended as guests, the Senators Patricia Mercado, MC, and Miguel Angel Mancera Espinosa, of the PRD.

European women’s Olympiad of Mathematics (FL., for its acronym in English) the Edition number 8 will be held from 7 to 12 April in Kiev, Ukraine and 49 countries participated. For the second time in the history of the international Olympiads of mathematics, a Mexican competitor won Gold Medal: Ana Paula Jiménez. (The previous one was Olga Medrano, in 2016)  By teams, Mexico is ranked number 10. This is the second year that Mexico is placed on the list of the 10 best countries in this competition. The training of the girls is in charge of the Mexican Mathematical Olympiad, program academic that drives the Mexican Mathematical Society (founded in 1942) for 32 years. Some of them have more than 4 years training. 

Senators Miguel Angel Mancera and Eva Eugenia Galaz in the company of the top math students. | Courtesy

About the ganador:ana Paula, is 17 years old, studied secondary education at a private school, and is the third time that it participates in the FL., the two previous occasions won silver medals. Nuria, is 17 years old, studied Bachelor in Cecyt 9 of the National Polytechnic Institute, also is the third time that it participates in the FL., previous occasions was awarded bronze and silver. Karla, is 15 years old, third courses high school in a particular school. It is their first participation in the FL.. Is also selected to participate in the International Mathematics Competition which will be held in August in South Africa (for primary and secondary level), and is pre-selected to compete for a place in the team which will go to the Central American Olympiad and the Math Caribbean in June in Republic Dominicana.De get it, it would be the first woman, and the first Mexican student in the same year compete in three international Olympiads. 
Nathalia, is 17 years old, is his first participation in the FL.. He studied high school in a public school. The mention obtained was by having done at least one perfect problem in competition.

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