translated from Spanish: Tension continues in Venezuela and United States discusses “military action”

After a day of tension in Venezuela, the Secretary of State American, Mike Pompeo, warned today that a “possible military action” and then the incumbent’s defense on functions of Government cancelled their European tour to “coordinate more efficiently” with others the situation in Caracas Cabinet portfolios. “Secretary Patrick Shanahan now will not travel to Europe, since he has decided to stay in Washington DC to more efficiently coordinate the situation in Venezuela with the White House National Security Council and State Department”, informed the Pentagon in a release. 
“Military action is possible. If that is what is required, that will be what United States will do,”said Pompeo in an interview with the Fox News channel.

On Wednesday, he lives in Caracas and other cities, demonstrations for and against President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela.

From the first moment that the Venezuelan National Assembly, most anti-Chávez, proclaimed on its owner, Juan Guaidó, as Acting Chairman, United States became more strong and ally close to the opposition, calling for the end of the Government’s mature and the call for presidential elections. As reported yesterday the U.S. Government, guided had gotten the support needed to force the overthrow of Maduro and his departure from the country, but its major international ally, Russia, prevented him. After making this complaint, Donald Trump National Security Advisor, John Bolton, announced today that Pompeo plans to discuss with his Russian counterpart, Serguei Lavrov, in the next few hours, the political situation in Venezuela. In parallel, the Envoy of Trump for Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, told in an interview with EFE that officials of the Government of ripe with which, he said, were negotiating his overthrow “turned off their cell phones”.
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