translated from Spanish: Test passengers flying roller coaster in New Jersey

New Jersey-Jersey Shore amusement park Vice President insists that a roller coaster is safe over one week after two passengers test type mannequins fell and crashed against the roof of a nearby hotel. The incident occurred on April 20 in the ensenada Playland’s Castaway in Ocean City, New Jersey. GaleForce coaster was subjected to a routine security check when two mannequins filled with water fell road and were thrown into the Ebb Tide suites hotel. No one was injured during the incident. A roofer responded to the scene in less than an hour to make repairs and test snowmen were destroyed, according to Brian Hartley, Vice President of the theme park. «It’s an unfortunate situation,» said Hartley.Hartley said that the mannequins had leaks which were not detected and lost its mass and shape, causing you to fall. «Obviously, is not something that happens to a person», said Hartley.

Jerseynews_Bill: RT tedgreenbergNBC: Test dummies fly off Jersey Shore roller coaster and hit nearby roof. Why the amusement park says the ride isn’t to blame for the mishap-ahead on NBC10 News at 4 and News 4 New York at 5. NBCPhiladelphia NBCNewYork br… – CapeAtlanticNews (@CapeAtlanticNWS)
April 30, 2019

«You know that you do not lose stiffness in a person. Low lap bar. You’re safe there. «Hartley told NBC10 trip is 100 per cent safe, despite the setback.» The lap bar did not fail», he said.

«Nothing ruled in the journey at all.» The GaleForce undergo approximately two hours of testing every day which are in operation and has been open since the incident, according to Hartley.

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