translated from Spanish: The father Francisco spoke of unemployment as a «global tragedy»

«Dad Francisco asked this Wednesday pray for those who are unable to get a job during the traditional general audience with the faithful, which coincided with the day of the worker.» Pray especially for those who don’t have a job, which is a global tragedy of these times».
«Today, we celebrate the memory of St. José Obrero. That the figure of the humble worker of Nazareth we always orient towards Christ», said Francisco in the plaza of San Pedro of the Vatican.

There, he asked the intercession of the Holy that «support the sacrifice of those who are good and who have lost work or fail to get one». Before deciding his catechesis, as usual, the Pontiff travelled in Popemobile plaza de San Pedro of the Vatican, where it was hailed by a crowd of faithful and kissed several children. Argentine bishops warn of lack of employment
Argentina has today a «difficult employment situation, there are many people without jobs or fear losing the job», warned in dialogue with the informational site of the Vatican, the Bishops Conference spokesman, Max Jurcinovic.
«The bishops have expressed many times, when the work is missing, not only is missing something material, but affects the mood of the people.»

The Argentinean priest held that «is a time which encourages us to hope, to pray for our leaders and by the strength of job seekers». And facing election-year, Jurcenovic recalled that the bishops, during its last plenary Assembly, asked an election campaign «austere» and people know «what are the ideas that candidates have». In this note:

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