translated from Spanish: The trailer for the film’s Sonic is filled with nods to gamers

Even greater Sonic fan hoped too film of the most famous Hedgehog of video games and even then the first trailer was disappointed official. “The Sega character big screen debut is a myriad of platitudes, questionable design and child humor that looks more to the recent (and awful) film of the bird crazy than the canchero character we learned to love during the Decade of the nineties.” “Sonic the Hedgehog” is the debut behind the camera of director Jeff Fowler and has Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation) as the voice of Sonic, James Marsden (X-Men) as Agent Tom Wachowski and Jim Carrey (why did you Jim?) in the role of the villain Robotnik. According to the Sonic trailer is an alien (“It seems that you I will have to save your planet,” says in a moment) that is causing some problems with the resulting energy of its speed and the army uses Doctor Robotnik to capture it.

As it often happens when you try to move an animated character to a real environment without respecting the original design, Sonic looks awful. Its appearance is human, but for some reason have a layer of skin that covers all the body and an exaggerated musculature. At least in the film Yogi Bear and Scooby Doo animal resembled their animated versions. This Sonic resembles more that fateful 2004 movie Garfield.
Yet the writers managed to retain part of the mythology of the series and introduce some winks to the games, as Green Hill Zone, the first iconic area of the Sonic now became the County in which the protagonist and the character of Marsden they are known. In addition, rings retained not only his distinctive sound, but also their ability of teleportation: in the game were the portal that took us from one level to another, in the movie Sonic uses them to save the lives of his companions when they are falling into the void. On the other hand, although Sonic design little has to do with the video game, the character at least dress their classic red slippers, which in the film seem to be the only ones who resist its high speed friction. The same happens with the Doctor Robotnik, that bit looks like with the original oval character (known as “Eggman” or “Egg man” in Japan), but is shown with a look similar to the villain that we all know in a scene at the end of the trailer that seems develop in Mushroom Hill Zone – is the planet of Sonic?

Robotnik in its final version | Image: Paramount

Since it was revealed the first poster for the film in which you could see the silhouette of the do Hedgehog?, fans have reacted negatively, but it is likely that more than one wait for that once in motion the impact was a little lower. This is not the case. Sonic movie is going to be a disaster, that is going to be even worse when the inevitable comparison with “Pokémon: Detective Pikachu” (Rob Letterman, 2019), which also leads to the Pokemon into the real world with a somewhat “controversial” designs in certain cases, but much closer to the original models.

“Sonic the Hedgehog” debuts on November 8 in the United States. It has no date confirmed in our country. In this note:

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