translated from Spanish: Who is the argentina that will play the final of the Champions League?

While Barcelona, Liverpool, Tottenham, and Ajax to define who will be the finalists of the UEFA Champions League between men, the women’s branch, as the two teams that will face off in the definition from the title are: Barcelona and Olympique de Lyon.Aunque is in the case of a Spanish team and another Frenchman, will be in the stadium an Argentine representative, since in Olympique plays Soledad Jaimes, the front of the selection Argentina that arrived to the Gallic cast last January.
When will the party be? 18 may in Budapest, Hungary. Interestingly, more expensive tickets of the match will cost about three euros, since the intention is to further promote the dissemination and consumption of women’s football in all competitions.

The career of Soledad Jaimes
The native of Entre Ríos, in 30 years, was initiated in the mouth, and trip before heading to Brazil in 2014, had a passage by River. In Brazilian lands played in Cataratas Foz, Sao Paulo and Santos, team with which was consecrated local in 2017 tournament champion and ended up being the highest scorer, so it took the prize Prata.ademas ball, Jaimes is also part of the national team and This year will be number since to be part of the squad that played the World Cup France (between June 7 and July 7), in which the Argentina is part of Group D along with Japan, England and Scotland.

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