translated from Spanish: Work of Palestinians and Jews Matucana 100

“The circle” in Matucana 100 work
In room Patricio Bunster, Centro Cultural Matucana 100, Matucana 100, Metro Quinta Normal
May 17 to June 9. Thursday to Saturday, 20:00 hours; Sundays 19:00 hours
Input Gral. $5,000, EST., elders, Wednesday and Thursday popular $3,000
Some time ago, Andrea Giadach and Alejandra Díaz Scharager – a Palestinian Chilean, another Chilean Jewish-, got together to talk about their heritages and identities, and the existence of Palestine and Israel, from their shared nationality.
Andrea defines pro Palestine and a part of his stage work is directly linked to that cause. Alejandra, during recent years, has developed scenic research about the history of his mother, born in a kibbutz in Israel, search that led her to travel the country and meet for the first time his israeli family. Both experiences led them to rethink what it is to be Jewish and Palestinian today in Chile and the world, that this territory represents and its current situation.
This is the starting point of “The circle”. Starring Shlomit Baytelman, Samantha Manzur, Antonio Zisis, Moisés Norambuena, Constantino Marzuqa and Juan Carlos Saffie, the work presents the meeting of a group of Chilean origin Jewish and Palestinian actors leading to stage their own process of creation of This play, to give account of their similarities, differences and deep contradictions, not just by the fact of belonging to these peoples in conflict, but that the communities that are part in Chile.
“Sometimes we live the identity as a rigid reality, faithful to stories that do not really belong to us. ‘” ‘ The circle ‘ makes the practice of exposing the modification process of a group of people with strong ties identity trying to see what they defend really and what is this defense “, explains Andrea Giadach, dramaturge and Co-Director.
“In the group, both Jews as Palestinians, there are different points of view and different links with the communities, that made that a diversity of ideas, opinions and points of view about our identity here had in Chile and also about what occurs there in Israel and” Palestine. “Meetings and multiple misunderstandings were generated, and it was here when we decided that that was the play that we wanted to do: our experience finding and losing us yet”, adds Alejandra Díaz, Co-Director of the implementation.
“Give us realize that we can create an identity or identities from what we see and we choose to defend.” The identity can inhabit us as a multiple reality, is essential to know what obey when we see the “enemy”. What drives us and what we stand… “What happens with Jews and Palestinians is a paradigm of how history repeats itself and is replicated in different places of the world”, concluded.
Circle, collective Natuf in co-production with Matucana 100, is a project hosted cultural donations Act and under the auspices of Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho, sponsored by the Department of theatre of the University of Chile and of the Cultural Center of Spain and the support of UNESCO.
A group of Chilean origin Jewish and Palestinian actors act out their attempts to create a piece of theatre altogether: reveal the tensions that arise from their strong identities related to Israel and Palestine, a land in constant conflict, and seek to understood putting in scene the reality that crosses them, using biographical, testimonial and fictional material. From the idea of the meeting, this work exposes the process of the Group of creators realize their similarities, differences and deep contradictions.
Research and development: collective Natuf
Dramaturgy: Andrea Giadach
Address: Andrea Giadach and Alejandra Diaz Scharager
Assistance of dramaturgy: Pablo Manzi
Cast: Shlomit Baytelman, Moses Norambuena, Samantha Manzur, Antonio Zisis, Constantino Marzuqa, Juan Carlos Saffie
Executive production: Alejandra Díaz Scharager
General production: Camila Provoste
Field production: Emilia Morales
Integrated design: Ana Campusano
Audiovisual recording: Cristina Hadwa
Sound design: Marcello Martínez
Projections: Niles Atallah and Rafael Guendelman Hales
Puppet: Santiago Tobar
Press: Claudia Palominos
About the company
COLLECTIVE NATUF. From their concerns and questions, initially taking as a reference the Edward Said and Daniel Barenboim West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, they decide to convene a group of Chilean creators of Jewish and Palestinian origin, to undertake a project of theatre which in Chile, it is unpublished. Given the depth and relevance of the themes and questions that have arisen in the process of investigation of his first play, the circle, as well as the contingency of the ongoing struggle for territory and survival, decided to create Natuf, a group named as the geographical site that was the cradle of an ancient pre-agraria civilization that inhabited the present Israeli-Palestinian territory, for para revivir revive as well a common origin of Jews and Palestinians. Natuf aims to provide continuity in time to the initial work, for the purpose of developing research and generate various artistic projects and diffusion on the issues that join this group, promoting dialogue, openness and the ability to dissolve the borders identity relationship sustained us-them.

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