translated from Spanish: After the stoppage, Union leaders protested with popular pots

Some 400 popular pots were carried out in several cities of the country as a protest against the economic policy of the national Government, after the strike that yesterday spurred the Union front and the CTA several trade union leaders, among them the holder of truckers, Hu go-Moyano, participate in the activities. In the work, in the city of Buenos Aires monument, Moyano, considered that «it is a day of special workers, because we are laburando to give to those who have less».

Moyano in one of popular pots mounted on the worker’s day

The truckers Union, organized a popular stew «a plate of food before the crisis and the sad economic reality passing thousands of families». Pot installed in Paseo Colón and independence avenues, one of the cooks was Karina Moyano, daughter of Hugo, who said that «the country is very bad, with a very sad and angry society». On the initiative on the second day of the protest, said: «give a stew because it has many proteins for people who eat only once a day, because today a roast is a luxury. They are killing starving people. There is great need throughout the country», he topped. The leader of the CTA, Hugo Yasky, who also participates in the protest on Wednesday with pots in the vicinity of Government House, said that «these pots symbolize hunger that there is». 
«Unthinkable a few years ago, but this may first workers are doing, again, popular pots. Only workers will save workers», said Yasky.

Another of the Union references that was expressed on the protest was the owner of Suteba, Roberto Baradel, who warned that «the plan of fight continues because you can not be tolerated in the Argentina 51.7% of the children are below the poverty line!». From the Trade Union front considered that «is celebrated the day of the worker in a broken Argentina, where unemployment and constant dismissal which is choking the Argentine people».
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