translated from Spanish: Bishop Durán denies dismissal of the first Pentecostal Methodist Church: «Desmiento categorically having left my office»

The disputed Bishop Eduardo Durán issued a statement in He denied that the first Pentecostal Methodist Church has removed it temporarily for a period of four months.
«Against some publications in digital media, that would indicate my departure from the post and other claims beyond the reality, I think relevant to point out the following: Desmiento categorically having left my position of Pastor of the Evangelical Cathedral and» President of the first Pentecostal Methodist Church», said Duran in the release.
During Wednesday, began to circulate that information in a meeting at the administrative offices of the Evangelical Cathedral, which counted with the presence of the own Durán, the Board decided to disable it for four months so that the Bishop could» solve your legal problem». 
However, the disputed religious denied the information, and said that «the error in reported by some media is due to the intentions of some people to go far beyond what has effectively been agreed so far».
«According to the Statute of our Corporation, its regulations and the existing documentation, Eduardo Durán Castro is the ruler of the Cathedral Pastor and the President of the first church Methodist Pentecostal. There is no space for more interpretations», he explained.
«Document which is exposed as the source of this information, is effectively an agreement which gives 4 months before»the Bishop»the problems arising from the recent conflict.  This term has no relationship with any eventual dismissal, resignation, cessation of office or any imaginary construction that can dwell in the creativity of some,»he added.
Finally, the Bishop said that «in our Church order, that a Vice President address tasks of the President, in the best of cases, can be understood as a Commission, even a subrogation».

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