translated from Spanish: Current prices of gasoline and diesel in Michoacan, this Thursday

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Morelia, Michoacan.-on Thursday, the average price per liter of gasoline and diesel in Mexico and Michoacán is as follows:
* National average price
Regular gasoline: $19.36
Premium gasoline: $20.74
Diesel: $21.03
* Average price in Michoacán
Regular gasoline: $19.70
Premium gasoline: $21.12
Diesel: $21.29
In Michoacan, these are the prices per liter that handle different stations in some municipalities of the State:
Avenida Jose Maria Morelos No. 295
Regular $19.69
Premium $21.30
Diesel $21.20
Peripheral ride of the Republic No. 2150
Regular $20.29
Premium $21.44
Diesel $21.80
Carretera Km one s/n Tumbiscatío – Arteaga
Regular $20.00
Diesel$ 22.00
Vista Hermosa
Avenida Hidalgo No. 246
Regular $20.16
Premium $21.06
Diesel $20.90
Federal Highway No. 15 Toluca – Morelia No. Km 102
Regular $20.17
Premium $21.57
Diesel $21.69
Avenida revolution South No. 348
Regular $20.19
Premium $21.59
Diesel $21.79
To see the current prices in its municipality, visit the Energy Regulatory Commission

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