translated from Spanish: Elisa Carrió and a new scandal in the province of Córdoba

The passage of the national Deputy for Córdoba will be marked by a series of scandals from the statements of the officer. After a first appearance in which he thanked “Luckily died De la Sota”, in the last hours the legislator returned to give the note. On this occasion, the event was focused on the discussion with a group of reporters from Rio Cuarto was asked by serious allegations that was doing. It was own candidate for Governor who was to support, Mario Negri, who had to “rub shoulders” on two occasions to let make allusion to the (according to Carrio) Cordoba leadership with drug trafficking ties.

The leader of the civic-ARI Coalition, warned that “ten years is outrageous what happens in Río Cuarto” in terms of the advancement of drug trafficking and raised that “is responsible politicians” of this scenario. Before the cross-examination of the present there was Carrió said: “Let me. They are concerned by drug trafficking, or attacking me? “.”
“Everyone knows in Rio Cuarto what happens in Río Cuarto”

“Do you know the silver which put De Vido at the University of Rio Cuarto? Do you know the silver which put De Vido with enterprises in Rio Cuarto? What are are wars of bands. What will assist in Rio Cuarto, which is serious, is that lost the order who coordinated drug trafficking, they will kill the bands, they will kill you,”continued Mrs.” The question that I do them to you is why have to say this one Chaco who lives in Buenos Aires and living in Capital, if there is media and Governor in Rio Cuarto? “, followed.

“If one day kill her children, going to apologize me crying.” Hopefully not have anything anyone of your family, do you know? “, concluded the legislator who was most voted by the Federal Capital in the last elections.” All this before the astonished eyes of Mario Negri, who on Sunday, may 12 will seek to be elected as Governor of Córdoba province. It already has the blessing of Carrio.en this note:

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