translated from Spanish: Facebook gives what to talk about with your redesign

Facebook unveiled its redesign that it will come in the next few months and the app in the next few weeks. Already seen that Facebook was preparing three new tools for Instagram: profiles of creators with the possibility of direct purchase of products, the new stickers of donation and the camera. Now, it also presents a radical redesign both the desktop version and the mobile app. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook, was commissioned to produce the new design, named FB5. The name refers to is the fifth generation, the fifth version of the Facebook design.

It is already available for some users in mobile and desktop will arrive in early summer, approximately. The social network will now be much clearer, with total predominance of white, with a more modern design.

Among the most prominent changes can be noted the new location of the Stories, which will occupy a predominant place in the Facebook page, seen the weight that she wants to give the company the ephemeral content also in this platform.

There is also a new menu at the top, focused on the timeline, which mimics the mobile experience with refreshed icons and notifications to the right system. Facebook logo will also change slightly, to conform to the design of the page, with more rounded shapes and predominantly white.

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