translated from Spanish: Gaza launches two missiles at Israel after attack of IAF

Jerusalem-militias in Gaza launched two missiles to Israel after bombing in retaliation to the release of explosive and incendiary devices into its territory.» Two launches were detected from the Gaza Strip towards israeli territory», said the army in a statement, after alert that anti-aircraft sirens were activated on the 05.40 local time (02. 40GMT) in the regional councils of Sdot Néguev and Shaar HaNeguev, next to the Palestinian enclave. The note did not specify if the projectiles made impact.

In response to the explosive and arson balloons launched from #Gaza to #Israel earlier today, our Air Force recently struck a number of Hamas terror targets in Gaza.We hold Hamas responsible. -Israel Defense Forces (@IDF)
May 2, 2019

Hours earlier, Israeli aircraft had attacked «several terrorist targets in a Hamas military complex in the North of the Gaza Strip», said the military in another statement, following the launch of explosive devices and incendiary balloons which caused two forest fires in the area of Eskhol, as she picked up the Journal Times of Israel.» The israeli army sees with great seriousness any attempt to harm Israeli citizens and it will continue to operate against these attacks,»warned military note in which he blamed Hamas controlled the enclave since 2007,» of all the events that occur in the » Gaza Strip and that emanate from her.» Israel, like other countries such as USA or the European Union, considers Hamas a terrorist organization and maintains a blockade by land, sea and air on the Strip since the Islamists took power.
Tension is high between the country and the Palestinian militias in Gaza, with Hamas to head, and returned to increase Tuesday when there was the firing of a rocket from the enclave that has not passed through the border and fell into the sea, and whose authorship was attributed to Islamic Jihad , as he pointed out the Times of Israel.Tras that shot, the first that occurred after weeks of relative calm in the border area after the latest escalation of tension between the parties by Palestinian rockets firing, Israel announced a reduction in the area of fishing permitted to six nautical miles (11km) that had recently expanded to fifteen (28km).

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