translated from Spanish: Mempo Giardinelli remove the judiciary’s proposal sparked crosses

On Wednesday, the presence of Mempo Giardinelli in a television program and his argument about the removal of the Judicial power unleashed debate and crossings. The Minister of Justice, Germán Garavano, came out to criticize the Kirchner and Graciana Peñafort lawyer, to the macrismo. Firstly, the Chaco writer explained that «in the Argentine manifest one of the focal points is the State of a system of Justice which must be no more power».

«Super political power is the judiciary. We propose a new national Constitution, that is not reform but a new Constitution of popular origin arising out of a referendum where the people of Argentina occurs, is lodged in the constituent Assembly and draw up a new social pact», holds the journalist in statements to C5N.
«The central point is the Elimination of the judiciary to provide a judicial service, a justice system»

After the sayings of Giardinelli, Garavano shared on Twitter a video entitled «why kirchnerismo attacking the judiciary?».
For his part, Peñafort devoted to official a thread with 37 tweets refuting the issues raised by the clip: «you say that Kirchner fears him to justice. I tell you, as a Peronist who I am, that we do not fear him to justice. If we fear him the judiciary in which you operás more awkwardly than shame».» Personally I say German, I don’t have fear of the justice. What is impotence. Because with the judiciary that you manipulate what there is justice. There is arbitrariness. Caprice. Festivals of preventive. Handling. The opposite of Justice, see. In your Government, there is no justice. And you’re the Minister of injustice. The AMIA’s own relatives accused of cover-up to the accomplices in the attack. He was accused by the own Cloaker Cimadevilla. Together with Macri, I have to say,»the lawyer in a series of messages to Garavano launches.
By way of reply, the holder of the portfolio of Justice retwitteo a management report strikingly published under the name «Improvement of the situation».

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