translated from Spanish: On the day of the worker, Macri called «strengthening the culture of work»

For the second consecutive day the President Mauricio Macri visited the province of Buenos Aires next to the Governor María Eugenia Vidal, amid speculation about discussions on change for nominations. There, the President called to strengthen the «culture of work», a day after the national strike of the «hard» guilds. Thus, both Macri and Vidal, seeking to make signs that will not yield to pressures from business sectors and finance and will be on their re-elections, beyond what polls and market analysts say. On the day of workers, Macri toured the Center’s monitoring of Lanús and there said that the work «makes us feel protagonists and gives the opportunity to demonstrate that we are able to make our contribution» to the rest of the Argentine people «to build a better future for all».
The gesture of show with the Governor is given after a visit to Ensenada, where both reinauguraron a plant potabilizara and gave speeches with strong political tone. There Macri said that «at this time in which markets are doubtful about whether we will go back, they are wrong. «We learned from what happened to us and we want all Argentines found our place from the work». Earlier, Vidal was also emphatic about his immediate political future and confirmed that he will seek re-election in the province and supported Macri: «between the President and me there team», said Vidal and added to accompany him in the «four years».
«So much grit and heart to be here, in the province, accompanying the Buenos Aires in the difficult».

The Governor spoke of the «cynicism» of some political leaders and said that «this is the way that is worth» and admitted that it is «a forced and difficult road». In this note:

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