translated from Spanish: Project Etnofarmácia Rapanui enhances the healing through roots, plants and flowers

Advanced trip to Rapa Nui were members of the p project «Social and technological innovation to enhance business units associated with the Etnofarmácia Rapanui», initiative, which has financing from the Fund for innovation and Regional competitiveness (FIC-R), led by Professor Cecilia Rubio e composed of academics and researchers from the faculties of Pharmacy and architecture.
During their stay on the island, the Project Director and academic from the school of design Omar Acevedo held meetings with representatives of the Government and the community, as well as independent beekeepers and women entrepreneurs in products such as handicraft and agriculture.
One of the most relevant matches of the trip was the meeting with the Pope Ra group healing women ‘ au operating ancestral healing with herbs, plants and flowers in an intercultural box of hospital Hanga Roa, who the scope project that includes a commitment to enable a larger space and better conditions for the development of these activities were exposed.
Before leaving the island, the members of the project were able to visit the village educational Lyceum, where exposed on the initiative to the students of the fourth year, speciality Agro, who were invited to participate in the culture and collection of plant material.
The project has a duration of 18 months from March of 2019 with the objective enhance the island etnofarmácia through the promotion of social and technological innovation, modernizing its sustainable practice and the improvement of the infrastructure available in the Island.
For this purpose, enabled containers will be installed to improve this ancestral activity, as well as including a trip to the continent of ten people for training in the University of Valparaiso, among which six healing, two women will participate entrepreneurs and two students of the Lyceum village education.
In this regard, the quimicofarmaceutica Cecilia Rubio, Director of the project, explained that one of the most important points in this initiative is «all the products that will be generated from this project will be in Rapa Nui for the direct benefit of the Islanders,» so much for women healing to women entrepreneurs and for the students of the Lyceum village education. It is a tremendous opportunity that we as academics and researchers learn ancestral knowledge and help that can be transmitted to new generations, avoiding loss».

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