translated from Spanish: Sinaloa Government supports Pablo Lyle as exemplary Sinaloense

Pablo Lyle was accused yesterday of manslaughter Wednesday; so far, it is unknown if Mazatlán, Sinaloa from actor sentenced to spend time in prison. The program window issued a letter that the Government of Sinaloa would have sent the judge Alan Fine (who takes the case of Pablo Lyle) to support the Sinaloa. This documented was drafted by the Sinaloense culture Institute (ISIC), which emphasizes that the actor is an «exemplary Sinaloense».

I agree with what says the letter sent by the ISIC where supporting actor: through this it is noted that C. Pablo Lyle received the recognition of the Government of the State of Sinaloa for its quality of Sinaloense exemplary, same given to citizens originally from Sinaloa, which have excelled overseas, putting on a high the name of our Estado.ademas Paul Lyle for his outstanding artistic work has stood always for being a good person, willing to collaborate in projects citizens and Government for a social benefit for people who can least afford.
The document (signed by the director-general of the ISIC) was sent to the judge Alan Fine in the middle of last April.

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