translated from Spanish: The artichoke reappears singing Alegrijes y Rebujos Northern Group

Miguel Martínez, who gave birth to the famous «Artichoke» in «Alegrijes y Rebujos» met the challenge of the 5 thousand likes and recorded a video singing the song of the telenovela with band. Now the video of the artichoke singing Alegrijes y Rebujos band has become viral on social networks. On 30 April, the singer Miguel Martínez published an image which appears as artichoke along with «La Chofis», interpreted by her friend María Chacón.
«Happy children’s day, if we reach 5000 likes chant them the Alegrijes y Rebujos lol. «Pa where he was knew from chiquito and always retaining the interior, very well-behaved child», wrote the actor in the Fotografia.como was expected, the image exceeded the likes that Miguel requested and fulfilled the challenge, which many hoped with enthusiasm, because everyone’s childhood was marked by this child telenovela of the 20013.
Video account of Facebook Lights On TV, where it appears the artichoke with a Northern Group, giving a different touch to the song climbed to and knew it.
«Belinda does not want to sing of the Toad and the artichoke already made video and all,» wrote a user.

«Now will it be available on Spotify?»; «Yes, to sing, to sing, forever our artichoke»; «Our song from childhood, I remember when we put it on the recorder», among other comments.
Miguel Martínez is very active in its Instagram where he shares his personal life. Now is a guy very fitness, he has a beautiful girlfriend, loves to travel, sing, and play some instruments.
The singer still robandose the hearts of the women because still seemed just like when I was a child.

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