translated from Spanish: The courtiers of Piñera – El Mostrador

No doubt that, the courtiers of Government did not have the moral courage to say to the President Piñera that would be morally very criticized if their children integrated in the delegation to China, and in addition, that was a very bad signal since, rightly so, is thought to its neg leisure activities is the main and only reason why he has aspired to the Presidency of the Republic.
The truth is that, the courtiers or those who enjoy the delicious benefits of power, fearing the consequences do not tell the truth to his boss, especially being in front heads with much personalism or authority.
In the story there are many leaders who have surrounded by courtiers, that some, even for this reason, lost the head and other power, as Pinochet, claimed who until the last minute that it would win the elections, preventing him from reacting in time for correct their mistakes; all this generated between General and civil. Among the latter there is a famous Mayor, which it called «the Chameleon».
With respect to the courtiers, there is a very old saying: «in the end, the courtiers end up killing the King».
Dr. Jaime Manuel Ojeda Torrent

Original source in Spanish

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