translated from Spanish: They evicted gendarmes of the Ministry of Justice, but they warn the Government: “We will not lower your arms”

After 21 hours, special forces in the face of staff bineros evicted the Ministry of justice where a score of leaders of Gendarmerie officials was.
Representatives of prison workers had wagered during the afternoon in the lobby of the portfolio, located in front of La Moneda, and had warned that they would not be withdrawn from the place “until the Minister (Hernán Larraín) and Deputy Minister (Juan José Ossa) us” meet”. The leaders decided to “pull the tablecloth” during the meeting of the technical Bureau convened to advance the project of modernization of the race officer. In the opportunity, they see their annoyance by the absence of authorities of the portfolio in this instance, where the project which is already transacted in the Constitution of the House of Representatives Committee is reviewed.
“We were summoned to a meeting to work on some issues, but neither the Minister (Hernán Larraín) or Deputy Minister (Juan José Ossa) were present to meet the demands of workers”, told the leaders that form the front of workers Prison, bringing together diverse associations of employees of the institution as ANFUP, ANOP, ADIPTGEN, ANSOG and AGECH.
From the portfolio took with surprise the decision of leaders of breaking the work table, and pointed out that it is a technical table was not referred in this instance the involvement of the authorities.
By the side of the workers, the eviction might harden the stance of break, given that they had already warned that if there is a response from the portfolio, there will be mobilization of national actions.
In a video recorded from the police truck after the eviction, the National President of the National Association of prison officers (Anfup), Patricio Baquedano directed one of his employees sector: “once more this Government takes us detainees, but we’re going to keep fighting for all of you ladies and gentlemen, for the more than 20 thousand officers, we are not going to lower the arms, to achieve our objective, which is the official race”, stated among the shouts of his colleagues.

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