translated from Spanish: Threatened by supporting TPP-11: UDI members were also white poster

The TPP 11 has become a double-edged weapon for the parliamentarians that they have shown in favour of the agreement, since they have received a series of threats via social networks and through posters.
The latest targets of these warnings are members of the UDI, who attributed these messages to ‘extreme left groups’.
«All those who scream for freedom of expression, make gargles with democracy and seek to be punished any incitement to hatred, are the same that we threaten death for exercising our legitimate right to think different for voting in favor of the TPP» said the head of the caucus members Javier Macaya.
For his part, Juan Antonio Coloma called threats of «insane character».  «Democracy is protected with arguments, not with calls to assaulting that doesn’t think like one,» said.
«We will present all this background to the public prosecutor’s Office to carry out the respective complaint because these threats are intolerable for a society that has a legitimate right to think different,» said Coloma.
The opposition also
These messages are added to the threats against the Senator PPD Ricardo Lagos Weber, who also has been the target of attacks then declare their support for the TPP.
At the time, from the DPP, as well as the UDI, condemned these incidents and described the attack as a «campaign of hatred that contrary to the Treaty sector».
«These signs of hatred and intolerance do not represent the vast majority of the country that understands that Chile is a democratic country where they fit all the fellow countrymen and their respectful visions of the future,» concluded by the community.

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