translated from Spanish: Venezuelan regime issued a warrant of search and seizure against Leopoldo López

The Supreme Court of Justice of Venezuela has issued a warrant of arrest against opposition leader Leopoldo López, who was released on April 30 by military rebels and which is now together his family in quality of «guest» in the Embassy of Spain in Caracas.» The Court fifth of execution of first instance of the constituency Judicial criminal of the Area Metropolitana of Caracas revoked the house arrest measure citizen Leopoldo López for violating it blatantly, in addition to violating the measure referred to the condition concerning political pronouncements by conventional and non-conventional, national and international media, showing that the are not subject to the measures», explains the TSJ in a statement. The Court thus issued an «order of apprehension to the Bolivarian national intelligence (SEBIN) against citizen Leopoldo López service» so «continue serving their sentence of 13 years in prison». Note Remember that Lopez has already fulfilled five years, two months and twelve days of worth. The statement stressed that it was «a fact public, notorious and communicational rape by Leopoldo López measure of house arrest, to appear and testify in mass media» after his release. Lopez is the leader of the opposition party Popular will and was during the day on Tuesday with «President charge» of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, and several military sublevados in it that President Nicolas Maduro’s Government denounces as a coup attempt of Estado.Tras found after several hours that the coup would not result in a change of Government, Lopez took refuge in the Embassy of Chile and later moved to the Espana.espana it has granted citizenship to Lopez’s parents and other members of his family and hosts other opposition leaders, like the former Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma, who escaped from Venezuela, and the activist Lorent Saleh, who was released.

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