translated from Spanish: Abusing a child is less serious than an abortion: Cardinal Giovanni Battista

Italian Cardinal Giovanni Battista said that sexually abusing a child is less serious than do an abortion. This controversial statement made it in relation to a case happened in 2009 of a 9 year old girl who was sexually abused by her stepfather in Brazil and got pregnant with twins, but thanks to the help of his mother managed to intervene the pregnancy and abortarCuando mother of the girl learned what happened, filed suit against the man and did everything possible to make his daughter an abortion. The Brazilian to learn of that Catholic community reacted to excommunicate the mother of the victim, as well as the medical team that performed the intervention, but not the abuser. The case caused great indignation in the country and confronted on abortion views. Italian Cardinal Giovanni Battista condemned the Act of mother and respalo the decision to excommunicate her to it and the medical team involved, all framed in the “pro-life” speech.
The infringement is less serious than abortion, life must always be protected. This is a sad case, but the real problem is that twin futures were innocents who had the right to live.

The fact that the ecclesiastical authorities worry more by the interruption of pregnancy which outraged the Brazilian country to condemn the Act of the stepfather. We can say that the man was arrested after admitting that he abused his stepdaughter. 

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