translated from Spanish: ADA Hegerberg, the owner of Golden ball that will not play the World Cup in protest

The struggle for equal rights between men and women grew up in different countries in the last time, but no doubt was through football where big changes were noticed. Since the signing of the first professional contracts in Argentina to the law of pregnant women players in Spain, through the denunciation of the United States national team at the Federation, claim advances to giant steps and without measuring consequences. This time, the protagonist of the story is not a Federation, or a law and less equipment, but is just a player. But not a “of the heap”, as they say bulgarmente, but the best player in the world of 2018 and first female Golden Ball winner: Ada Hegerberg.

During its growth by the selection of Norway and European football, where he became front of Olympique de Lyon (today considered the best team in the world) and the Champions League finalist, took advantage of his figure to claim for the rights of all and is It became far, its short 23 years, and even more with its final decision. On May 2, teams qualified to the World Cup began to publicize the list of players to France 2019 and surprised his absence. Consulted the trainer in this regard, he said that it was a decision 100% ADA and she in took, in a new negative since he decided not to play for his country, in 2017.

“As a technician you need to focus on the players who want to be part of this team. With Ada, we have tried to fix it and you don’t want to. We respect his decision and work hard with the other players who have done an excellent job,”said Norwegian coach, Martin Sjogren.Hegerberg never fell arms and in a few months achieved something historic in their own country. The Federation and the Guild of players reached the agreement for equal pay between men and women, but for the last Champions League champion, is not sufficient and maintains its conviction beyond the money.

“It’s not all the money. It’s preparation, professionalism, very clear points I directly presented to them when I made my decision. Football is the biggest sport in Norway for girls and has been for years, but girls do not have the same opportunities as boys, “added Ada, without hesitation.

Without progress, the world is lost to the best player and not for sporting reasons. Laws and treatment by the authorities, to prioritize the male activity, cost organizers of France 2019, country where Hegerberg shines, the presence of the world star, which magnifies his legend and uses its influence to not lose sight the real cause.

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