translated from Spanish: Boca beat Rosario Central Argentina Super Cup on penalties

Boca and Rosario Central clashed in Mendoza with different realities. On one side, a team beaten by the elimination in the Copa Libertadores and out of the Cup in the Super League of remote control of Diego Cocca, while the other became a set of Alfaro that alternated good moments, but it was planted at all stages.

Villa, one of the figures of Boca in Mendoza. Photo: Twitter @BocaJrsOficial

Thus arose in the field of play, in a first time that both teams handed out the control of ball and chances. Only in the half of the game, Villagra had the clearest and demanded that Andrada, while on the other side Ledesma had controlled the arc, even with the bad luck against a shot from Villa, which on the bounce, almost marks the first. The second half had a just dominating. Boca, at the foot of Marcone and with an intractable Villa, put in check on several occasions to Rosario Central and had three shots in the sticks and the controversy took the Malvinas Argentinas with a shot of Pavon who stung a few centimetres inside, in a move worthy of VAR.
No time for more, the criminal arrived just in time for the rogue. In the first five penalties on hand, none failed, although Andrada came close to stopping the firing of Parot. In series one on hand, Andrada contained him the trip to Rinaudo and Izquierdoz had the chance to give the title to mouth and not failed FIPS 6-5 final. With the title, Boca took revenge and conquered his official title 68 ° AFA and its first Supercup Argentina, one of the goals that the team had put on the end of the half. In this note:

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