translated from Spanish: Guided said that if Maduro tries to stop to Leopoldo López «would be a threat of war»

Juan Guaidó, warned Friday the Government of Nicolas Maduro, if security forces try to enter the residence of the Spanish Ambassador in Caracas to detain opposition leader Leopoldo López, «it would be a threat of war» to Spain .» It would be a threat of war to a country», has answered guided, asked at a press conference in Caracas on the possibility of Venezuelan forces flare in the diplomatic headquarters. The head of the National Assembly has also indicated that it would be a violation of the Vienna Convention governing diplomatic and consular relations.» If KIDNAPPED to a guest, the serious error list of 100″»If you want to make this severe mistake of trying to violate the Vienna Convention and Spanish territory and abduct a guest, later with the madness», added. «The amount of errors would not be one, but one hundred», has riveted. On the presence of Lopez at the Spanish Ambassador’s residence, where is in «guest» status, has recognized that in the diplomatic missions «there are rules» and «regulations» to respect, in addition to «be polite». Thanks for the GESTURE, not only diplomatic, but of humanity «the gratitude, of course, because it is a gesture not only diplomatic but humanity.» We know what is the political prison in Venezuela,»said referring to Espana.guaido reacted this way to the warning that the Spanish Foreign Minister has launched hours earlier from Beirut, where is official travel. Josep Borrell announced Lopez’s political activity will be limited because «Spain will not allow its Embassy to become Center of political activism» by anyone. The interim President has reminded that there are other opponents in a «similar situation» of Lopez, at the time who has thanked Panama and Colombia for hosting «many soldiers». «We’re trying to make it feasible for the peace (…) many others who are in a situation of asylum», has settled. CONTACTS BILATERALESLa location of Lopez has been the subject of conversations of the Spanish Ambassador, Jesús Silva, and own Borrell with his counterpart, Jorge Arreaza.Según said Borrell, has been left him clear Arreaza Lopez will not be delivered to justice Venezuelan, but that will be considered to be invited at the Spanish Embassy, but also that that will involve limited, through the Ambassador, his political activity, «in accordance with international standards». The reason is that the Venezuelan Supreme Court Thursday issued a warrant of arrest against Lopez for violating her house arrest, after being released on Tuesday by military faithful to guided, recognized by Spain as President. Lopez took refuge on Tuesday afternoon along with his spouse and her daughter first in the Embassy of Chile and then the residence of the Spanish Ambassador. Borrell described as «polite» the relationship of the Spanish Government with the Government of Nicolas Maduro, «knowing that each is in the position where it is». Spain did not recognize the re-election of mature in 2018 may elections and does not recognize its current mandate, but guided as President charged that elections should be called.

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