translated from Spanish: Guillermo de el Toro monsters ‘arrive’ to his new home in Guadalajara

Zapopan, Jalisco-Guillermo de el Toro, director and Oscar winner, brings Mexico to the exhibition At home with my monsters, an intimate exhibition that will be from July 1 to October 31 at the Museum of the arts of the University of Guadalajara (Muse), and where the public will enter to the childhood of the director and get to know the notes of his creations, all revealed in eight rooms.
Eugenio Caballero, Mexican and also creditor an Oscar for the Pan’s Labyrinth director, will be responsible for curing exposure, which divided into three important moments to show the side collector, creator and Mexican art pieces related to the fantasy world and the characters who gives life of del Toro.
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According to the organizers, At home with my monsters display 952 parts ranging from objects, changing rooms and collections, of which only 588 pieces belong to del Toro and the remaining 364 other 42 collectors.
Representatives of the MUSA confirmed that it will only display for 5 months and there will be no extension of this time, but they do have contemplated the edition of a publishing catalogue about the exhibition.
Raúl Padilla López, rector of the University of Guadalajara said with the arrival of this exhibition hoping to have greater presence inside and outside the country in bringing a doubly large collection which occurred outside Mexico.
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«Mexico will be the last country where will be presented twice in parts curated by Eugenio Caballero and sound directed by Gustavo Santolalla,» said the President of the Board of Trustees of the Guadalajara Film Festival.
William is an alchemist of film
With remarkable emotion for being part of this project, the director of art Eugenio Caballero said in interview to Political animal, Guillermo de el Toro is undoubtedly «an alchemist of the cinema».
«I never understood where we were going to arrive with this exhibition», mentioning the concept art from classic films of animation within the collection of the hat dance director.
While William could not be present at the press conference sent a message on the of noted that Guadalajara will be the last place in the world where present At home with my monsters.
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«The decision to do so in Guadalajara is obviously personal. I remember an exhibition of engravings by Piranesi in the Cabañas Cultural Institute, I remember how moved me creative», reads the letter that the Director of the Guadalajara Film Festival, Estrella Araiza Briseño, read to the press.
With this exhibition, Guillermo seeks to promote a love for images in the young artists and remind them that stimulation and creation can come from sources of academic culture or popular culture.
«Julio Ruelas with Chango Garcia Cabral or Piranesi mix with the Holy, gives validity to the latitude of the influences that we face in life and that make us who we are.» «Hopefully in some corner of this visit are the inspiration for the monstrous and the beauty of the dark and the forgotten», wrote William.
At home with my monsters, as well as go to the public and lovers of cinema by Guillermo de el Toro, it invites you to have an intimate journey through the creative universe of the director.

Tickets, tickets and information in general
If so, when?
From June 01 to October 31, 2019.
Museum of the arts of the University of Guadalajara (Av. Juárez 975, CP 44100, Guadalajara, Jalisco.
Hours, two hours are referred to input
10:00-18:00 hours, with general admission from Tuesday to Sunday.
11:00 hrs and 16:00 hours (special schedule for persons with disabilities which may review on Ticketmaster.
In addition, has referred to one day a week, Mondays preferably, admission is free and tickets will be delivered with dynamics through social networks of At home with my monsters.
180 pesos general admission
150 pesos with discount for students, teachers, and people with disabilities, can only purchase these tickets at the box office of the muse.
The minimum age to visit the exhibition is 3 years, although by parts and images that make up the exhibition organizers recommend input from 10 years of age
It takes into account that tickets are date and time. Only you can enter the exhibition marked schedule; There are no refunds or returns, Please arrive at least one hour in advance.
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