translated from Spanish: Juan Carlos Dante Gullo, a «Soldier of Perón», died.

The Peronist leader, former legislator Porteño and former national deputy Juan Carlos Dante Gullo died this Friday at 71 years. The news was confirmed by their relatives, who anticipated that the wake will be held tomorrow Saturday between 8 and 13 in the white Room of the Chamber of Deputies of the nation. Gullo was a prominent reference of Peronist youth during the years ‘ 70 and then participated in trade unions, such as the CGT of the Argentines.  He had begun his political work in Bajo Flores, the neighborhood of Buenos Aires where he lived and continued his militancy in the front for victory.

A young Dante Gullo with General Juan Domingo Perón

He was a prominent leader of the Peronist Youth (JP) during the presidency of Héctor Campora, when he led a campaign for the return of Juan Domingo Perón from exile. As a member of the JP, which was part of the surface structure of the organization Montoneros, had to go underground in September 1974, when the Peronist guerrilla took an open confrontation with the government of Isabel Perón. A year later , in full force of the state of siege decreed by the executive, Gullo was imprisoned and remained in the condition of political prisoner until 1983.

Dante Gullo with Patricia Bullrich, in an act of Montoneros

While in prison during the last military dictatorship, his mother, Angela Maria Aglieta, and her younger brother–Jorge Salvador–were abducted and remain missing.
The Canca took cognizance of these facts in the prison of Sierra Chica, where he was housed with other militants in «the Death Pavilion». From that place, assigned to those who would be executed in retaliation for the actions that armed organizations could carry out against the security forces, Gullo sent a letter to the Minister of the Interior of the dictatorship, Albano Harguindeguy.
«If the thing is with me, here I am, but not with my mother,» he asked in a letter that was never answered. 

Returning to democracy, he returned to the military in the ranks of the Porteño Peronism and accompanied the work of the human rights bodies. In 1997, graduated as a graduate in sociology at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and three years later founded the New Millennium Popular Party, which he chaired. In 2007 he was elected national deputy, and in 2011 legislator of the city of Buenos Aires where he served as Vice President first. Several referents of the policy recalled it in the social networks.

Huge sadness. Comrade Dante Gullo passed away. The Canca was an example of militancy that suffered persecution of the dictatorship. It was one of those that Bertol Brecht defines as indispensable. Those who are active all their lives. We’re going to miss him. — Daniel Filmus (@FilmusDaniel)
May 3, 2019

I would like to express my condolences to the family of Comrade Dante Gullo. — Miguel Ángel Pichetto (@MiguelPichetto)
May 3, 2019

Deep sadness. Comrade Dante Gullo passed away.
So we remember it in the act of Labor Day and the worker in Lanús.
We’re going to miss him. — Edgardo Depetri (@EdgardoDepetri)
May 3, 2019

Huge sadness. Dante Gullo died. Example of militancy, partner, friend. Always full of projects. We will always remember you well dear Canca — Débora Giorgi (@GiorgiDebora)
May 3, 2019

We say goodbye to Dear Dante «Canca» Gullo, companion of our sons and daughters, defender of the righteous causes. We embrace his family and always keep his memory of a solidarity fighter. — Grannies Plaza Mayo (@abuelasdifusion)
May 4, 2019

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