translated from Spanish: Margarita Zavala fined with 24000 pesos for irregularities when collecting support signatures at 2018

The presidential candidate, Margarita Zavala, was sanctioned by the specialized Regional Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial branch of the Federation (TEPJF), with 24209 pesos.
The sanction is due to irregularities detected in obtaining support to achieve registration in the presidential elections of 2018.
READ: A fine of between 3 and 4000 pesos is applied to Zavala, the Bronco and Rios Piter for the use of copies of voter credentials
In the beginning the specialized Regional chamber had fixed a fine for the applicant of only 3240 pesos, a figure that was challenged by the Upper room, which considers the irregularities committed by Zavala as «Graves» and a fine of 201,500 pesos was obtained. , which in turn challenged the Expanista and remained at 80600 pesos.
The 80600 pesos were also not liked by Margarita Zavala, so he rechallenged achieving the final figure of 24209 pesos.
From the beginning, when the fine was imposed for 3240 pesos, the Superior Chamber of the TEPJF ordered the specialized Regional chamber to recalculate it, under the argument of «that were considered different criteria than those used in the definition to punish Armando Rios Piter and To the governor of Nuevo Léon, Jaime Rodríguez Calderón. »
Thus, the specialized room was based on the fine imposed on Rios Piter, of 4030 pesos, and made the distinction between the simulation and the copies presented to achieve its registration as an independent candidate.
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