translated from Spanish: Maya Fernandez starts his campaign for the presidency of the PS visiting the Maule region

To know the regional reality and the particular interests of Each area is the objective of its deployment in different regions of the country. That was the premise of Congresswoman Maya Fernandez, who began her campaign to lead the Socialist Party in the Maule region, where he had various activities and meetings with militants of the region.
Under the slogan #ElDeberDelCambio, the granddaughter of Salvador Allende was able to know the reality that the citizens of the region live, especially the socialist militants pointing out: «Each region, even each zone, has a perception and a reality Different and when you are in Santiago, often unknown, so I wanted to go out and talk with the partners of Regions. » Therefore, he insisted «we will reach the socialist bases, is what our militants ask us, that we return to be that solid party, with convictions and proposal for Chile,» he said.
When consulted because the Socialists should vote for it for the conduct of the PS, Fernandez was emphatic in pointing out «we seek to address the future with a different look, where the role of the PS should be in the face of citizenship and dealing with issues that People are interested, for example the issue of pensions, housing, health «, emphasizing that the party, workers must have a position connected with society and the country.
The parliamentarian also stated that the political moment of the opposition makes it necessary that «the PS should have a more political role and political action at the moment. Today there are very strong citizen demands, where citizens demand more and better actions. So, there we have a role, a progressive discourse. Socialists must have a vision, tell the citizens what we think about the different issues. But we must be able to make clear actions in the interests of the unity of a political bloc that has to be able to offer a different model to the country, and in that we sincerely believe that the PS must play a fundamental role. »
The tour will continue during this weekend with visits to the region of Ñuble and Bio Bio, an instance where the candidate will be accompanied by the head of the Caucus of Socialist deputies, Manuel Monsalve, with whom he participates in more than 6 partisan political acts That are already organized so that the candidate can talk, listen and interact with the socialist militancy.

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