translated from Spanish: Meet Cafundo, the band that seeks to install the Samba-Afro in Argentina

A band that has always “with positive energy, generating spaces of festive cultural resistance”. Thus defined Cafundo, the Argentinean band that was born in 2009 and that every day continues to grow. The group will be present at Niceto Club next Saturday 18 may, which presented songs from his new album that will be released in the month of May and which will be officially launched in September. Tickets are already on sale at Ticketek. With Samba-Reggae and Samba-Afro veins, then promises to be a great party. But before, the Group talked to Filo.News about how was your travel professional and everything that comes in the future. Emerging

Just you hear any song, whether it be “Africa unite”, “Deusa Do Ebano” or “Swing of our era”, can not help but begin to dance or move. They are thus, generate that feeling. But they are in constant movement and reflection on the music they play.
“We love to play iconic buenos Aires rooms such as Niceto, the music is free and live shows is where that energy is condensed”, confessed. 

“The early years of the Group were entirely percussive, exploring the drum which is the key instrument of this genre and the engine that sustains us in this way.  Today the band has also guitarist, keyboardist, bassist and singer,”they explained. Then, they continued: “with Cafundo have gone through different stages… based on percussive always firm, we have touched and released an album with an orchestra of winds, we publishing an album of Bob Marley recorded it live, and today we are presenting the debut of own songs sung in Spanish, and with the issues that we they go through every day”. As they recognized, whenever some fanatic or fanatical attends the show of the band can be found with a time of “connection”, thinking both for who has known the songs or style, as for he that cometh to meet, to dance, to sing any of the songs of l popular repertoire that we do, to listen to a different style.

“It cost us to find a voice, a way of saying things that made sense with our history, the music we make and the moment we are going through as a society. It is a constant search but we are happy with what were captured in the disk, which is a disk with fighting songs, love songs, songs that tell everyday stories and songs that speak about our political and social vision,”said with with respect to the creation of original material. While future next tour comes to Europe, they have too much defined yet. And it’s okay. For them, the samba-reggae is a relatively young genre. and whenever they start working new material, emerging concerns and proposals. “There are musicians who play other styles also in Cafundo and that inevitably is printed in the music that we are composing and sharing. We don’t know what the future holds us, but that we will find together around music and all of its possibilities”, concluded. In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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