translated from Spanish: The 10 deaths of Game of Thrones that broke us the heart

We went very fast.

Yesterday we did a review by some of the most violent deaths of villains of Game of Thrones, many of which were held as a goal in the last minute. Today is the turn of reviewing those that no one wanted to see as much as we hope them since the first episode.
From heroes to innocent children, the HBO series has no Favorites (well, almost) and to the writers not pulse shakes them when leave us without our favorite character. Fortunately, in the majority of cases, they make sure leave us with a good image of sacrifice, bravery and honour – and often more manicured than the villains.

1 Shireen Baratheon (T05E09: «The Dance of Dragons»)

If something can be recognized to Game of Thrones is that it has not made him asco infanticide. The Western world has not been good to minors of age, noble or not, and since the heartless writers we were introduced to the adorable Princess Shireen Baratheon we knew that the girl had its days numbered.

Shireen is the fourth daughter of Stannis and Selyse after three babies who did not survive childbirth. Not have failed to give her husband a healthy heir generated resentment in Selyse which overturned on the small, particularly when it is infected with psoriagris to escape at night to take care of a stray dog. During his short presence in the series, the daughter of Stannis was as a sympathetic and compassionate, whose apparent hobbie was to teach him to read to the illiterate that crossed on its journey, as Sir Davos or Gilly, the companion of Sam. 

The Royal blood flowing through his veins became the constant aim of Melisandre, the Priestess who came to fulfill the prophecy of the promised Prince, but his father refused to sacrifice her until he found himself in the midst of the cold lands of the North with their forces depleted and facing a seemingly inevitable defeat. Shireen died in the fire in the eyes of Selyne, Stannis, Melisandre, and hundreds of soldiers unbelievers (many of whom deserted that night).

There is comfort knowing that none of them lived far more.

2 Ned Stark (T01E09: «Baelor»)

Not there must have been a citizen of King’s landing who warned not to Eddard «Ned» Stark that his honour and moral code would cost him dearly. «When you play the game of Thrones you win or you die,» he told Cersei with threatening tone, but still the Northern decided to insist, with the theme of incest and the succession of the throne. Soltá Ned, you are going to end badly.

Ned Stark represented the first sign for viewers that Game of Thrones would not respond to the traditional narrative structure (at least for the first three seasons) and there was no character safe in this world of politics, sex and violence. Still, to those who had read the first book we were hoping that somehow Ned escape their cruel fate and stood as the hero who was. But in the universe created by George R.R. Martin the honour is paid with blood, and Ned was no exception.

The old Stark died by order of Joffrey at the hands of be Ilyn Payne, who decapitated him using Ice, his own (and giant) sword between the desperate cries of her daughters and the crying of a celebratory crowd. Over, to pour salt in the wound, in the next episode we had to see next Sansa his head nailed to a stake – but fortunately not it seemed, which helped to minimize the impact. 

3 Hodor (T06E05: «The Door»)

The journey of discovery of Bran claimed the lives of many lovable characters, but none of them affected us as Hodor, the giant that became the legs of small Stark after the attempt on his life. 

But Hodor was not always a simple character. In the sixth season we learned that his real name was Wylis, and during his teens worked in the stables of Winterfell. But Bran, all breaks and gives us nothing in return, connected the minds of both versions of the character creating a frightening dimensional chaos in which Wylis began to see through the eyes of Hodor while on its own line of storm collapsed repeating over and over again «you’re Tene door»(» Hold the door «), the cry of Meera.

«Hold the door» eventually became «Hodor» in the past, while in the present giant made it nearly impossible to avoid the walkers to reach Bran. We expected Hodor sacrifice from the outset but we never imagined we would happen in these horrible conditions, and much less that it would cost him not only the future but also the past.

Everyone took a candle for you Hodor, that you got to convey more emotion than a true Prince dragon that we won’t mention because the Daenerys aunt is angry with a dash of a single word.

4. Cat, Robb, and Talisa Stark (T03E09: «The Rains of Castamere»)

Yesterday talked about the purple wedding, that wonderful event in which the little dear King Joffrey saw its inevitable end, but death in a marriage already had a precedent with the red wedding, a trap with Swiss precision by the graceful little Walder Frey who conspired with Tywin Lannister and Roose Bolton to get rid of the Stark.

It is true that Walder Frey extended it to Robb and his guest rights as it shows good faith, and that break that sacred bond means breaking all the laws of men and gods, but anyway do not rely on that old ladino Robb. Did you not see what happened to your old?

The wedding was developed naturally well into the night, when the brand-new marriage retired to his quarters to consummate the relationship. It was then when Catelyn noticed that Black Walder locked the doors and the musicians began to play an instrumental version of «The rains of Castamere», a hymn dedicated to the Lannister, and anticipated the disaster. The massacre was triggered after a speech of Walder Frey: his son Lothar Talisa stabbed in the stomach by killing the son of the King of the North and the musicians, alongside the soldiers of Roose Bolton, proceeded to kill every Member of House Stark Forrester, Manderly and present Tully.

Talisa was the first to die and Bolton ensured that Robb listen to the message of the Lannister before nailing him with the dagger. Catelyn was witness to the terror until the last moment and drowned in his own blood in the midst of a deafening scream. Yet the death that we finished shredding was the Grey Wind, the worg waiting without doing evil to anyone in a kennel.

5 Ygritte (T04E09: «The Watchers on the Wall»)

The wild won the heart of Jon Snow and the entire audience with his sagacity and fascinating ability to leave without words to the (by then) bastard one of Ned Stark. His character was fundamental so that Jon saw the Savages as people and not only as enemies which became them the guard of the night.

Of course his love was condemned to the drama and tragedy. Although Ygritte hoped the change of heart by Jon, his believed Crow was to stand up against the guard of the night – and were right-. At the first opportunity that took, Jon escaped from the wild to warn his brothers of the impending attack and although he denied it, Ygritte chose to let him go.

During the attack on Castle black, the wild had Jon at his mercy, but the love was stronger and this second doubt cost him his life. Olly, the child who survived the attack of the wild to your farm went through with an arrow in the back, leaving her to die in the arms of his beloved.

In retrospect Ygritte earned all our respect to have anticipated that Jon, the worst military strategist in the history of the seven kingdoms, actually knows nothing.

6 Jorah Mormont (T08E03: «The Long Night»)

The Lord of the North exiled in Essos lived several lives since he met his Queen Daenerys. Jorah Mormont dishonored his house after smuggling slaves and was banished from West for several years, until the promise of a Royal pardon motivated him to become one of the spies of Varys and inform the Crown of all the movements of the Targaryen.

Jorah survived clashes with Dothraki, an infection of psoriagris, great games in the Daznak fossa, infiltration in Vaes Dothrak for rescuing Daenerys and the mission to capture a Walker to the North of the wall. In another series would have died four times before last season, but he needed to reach the second episode to remind Dany that Tyrion is actually a good counselor for more than their tips in the last six months have been a disaster.

One of the favorite names for the necroprode of «The Long Night» was that of Jorah, like so many others already had completed its cycle and closed its plot arc. Being one of the few who actually died during the long battle, the writers made sure that his end was epic: surrounded by walkers, protecting their Queen and resisting more stabs to Superman. 

The man who defiled his home ended his days faithful to their loyalty and honouring her oath. Well by it.

7 Shae (T04E03: «The Children»)

Yesterday we discussed in depth the end of Tywin Lannister and anticipate the death of Shae, also at the hands of Tyrion. The girl who began as a «Lady-in-waiting» and swore his love to the conflicted Lannister ended up being a traitor we will not miss.

Why is it part of this list then? By Tyrion ladies and gentlemen, of course. Shae is the woman who managed to enter into the heart of the most putañero character from the series. Enough loved Tyrion as to leave before putting his life at risk in King’s landing and understand if she was leaving him after the battle of wastewater that left it it deforms. However, when the placetion became unsustainable Tyrion decided to send her away against her will and the rancor of the girl was the condemnation of both.

Shae, thinking that his departure was part of a strategy of Tyrion to stay with Sansa, never left King’s landing and not only made false statements against his former partner in the trial for the murder of Joffrey but it is also encamó that night with his father. 

We are not going to say that his death was justified, although it was partly in self-defense, but we feel it more from the betrayal suffered Tyrion by his second (or first) great love that the fate of Shae.

8 Oberyn Martell (T04E08: «The Mountain and the Viper»)

The Heartthrob Oberyn Martell came to King’s landing to participate in the wedding Margaery and Joffrey, but in reality the young Prince of Dorne had been seeking revenge, knowing that he would find there to Tywin Lannister, whom he blamed for the death of his sister Elia.

His sexual appetite was almost as legendary as his skill in combat, so Oberyn volunteered willingly to be Tyrion champion when it was decided that their fate would depend on the outcome of the trial by combat, especially when it was learned that the champion of the Crown It would be «Mountain» Gregor Clegane, the murderer of his sister and nephews.

The death of Oberyn hit us because the Martell seemed a family very copada and progressive, open to sexual diversity, which not humiliates to illegitimate children and with a particular taste for life. Unfortunately your confidence and resentment cost expensive: although it had Clegane at his mercy after defeating him in combat, decided to not finish it until he confessed to having murdered her sister and revealed the identity of the mastermind, Knight time He used to knock him down, sinking her eyes and crush its skull.

We are left with that gave us one of the best choreographed bouts of the series.

9 lady Lyanna Mormont (S08E03: «The Long Night»)

As the creators of the series were, Lady Mormont should appear in a single episode, but the interpretation of Bella Ramsey beat the character a recurring place. Lyanna Mormont, the Commander of the guard of the night Joer Mormont niece and cousin of the exiled Jorah Mormont, became the Lady of the island the bear when his mother Maege died serving under the orders of Robb Stark in the Guerra de los Reyes Cinco.

In his few appearances, it became clear that Lyanna was a worthy heir to the proud House Mormont, a cream leader beast which did not abandon his men at the battle of Winterfell to take refuge in the crypt, even after the insistence of his cousin.

His premature end came at the hands of a giant resurrected by the King of the night. After being thrown by giant hit during its loading doors of Winterfell, a badly injured Lyanna stood up and charged without fear of axe in hand and with a spearhead of Viri Hidden Dragon who jabbed him in the eye when the giant began to aplastarl to and pretended to eat you head. With Lyanna no capo.

The real dagger in the soul was to see it revived when the King of the night began to raise the dead from the battlefield in his final attack. Fortunately the action of Arya freed it from the curse quickly.

10 Viserion (T07E07: «Beyond the Wall»)

The mother of the Dragons lost their first child at the hands of the King of the night during the battle North of the wall and the animal became partly fundamental army of walkers. 

The dragon, named in honor of Viserys, Daenerys elder brother, flew together to their brothers to the rescue of the group that it had proposed to capture a Walker to convince Cersei that the real threat was beyond the wall. There, after raining fire on hikers, he collapsed into a ball of wings, screams and fire when the Spear of the King of the night hit him in full flight. He died to sinking into the lake ice cream while the rest escaped with (dragon) tail between legs.

All feel the death of Viserion as Daenerys, in particular when walkers took him out of the bottom of the Lake and the King of night revived it. Viserion was the weapon he needed the dark villain to destroy the wall and go to the South with his army, and to use it that way hurt us twice.

During the battle of Winterfell made him against his two brothers and he seriously injured Raeghal, but it didn’t airy of confrontation: a neck injury prevented him from flying and (we assume) reduced the power of your breath fire from ice?. His final death, like the rest of the revived creatures, came when Arya nailed the dagger in the chest of the King at night time from which the poor Viserion could finally rest in peace.

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