translated from Spanish: The servants of the viceroy. The opinion of Benjamín Mendoza

Morelia, Michoacan.-say that saw them, not told them, that they were there, and that they seemed to enjoy it. I didn’t see them, but not told it me, I read it, and after reviewing it, I’m pretty sure that was as well, with the margin of error that can have a laugh or a hug, but nothing more. Alfredo Castillo with breakfast at the Holiday Inn in Morelia, imagine it is? I think that Yes, probably on many, many occasions had breakfast in the restaurant of the prominent hotel, but… can imagine it is having breakfast with members of the current local legislature? I believe there is also, PRI legislators in the local Congress, now, to get «sospechosistas», would imagine it having breakfast with local members of the BRUNETTE? Ups! I think that that not «saw it coming», or maybe yes? Poor BRUNETTE in Michoacan, so far from AMLO and so close to the PRD.
In the midst of a police crisis that the «Lord of the helicopters’ prefer to ignore, after contribute to the adoption of the tax package and the choice of the fleshly Prosecutor, local members of the current legislature, again dan to talk about, passing the account public of 2017, after several reports under the table, again the bench of the BRUNETTE does little more than ridiculous. While in the Congress of the Union issues of height are discussed and important initiatives for the transformation of the national reality, in Michoacan, the morenistas do not reach or sparring of the right and its allies; look more like his fans or his courtiers rather than their enemies, the army of the 4T in these lands lacks Paladins. With few exceptions, such as Laura Granados Beltran or the same Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla, the local bench of the MORENA is laughing.
The morenistas occasion return to «remove copper», but this time have gone a little further, after so many disfigurements, plead ignorance now does not work. The small Orihuela we cannot expect much, i.e. never to expect much of a PRI, but… do Portillo? The brand new local Deputy for Morelia, forgiven, purified, exorcizada of the perredismo, which accuses black campaign envious militants of the BRUNETTE are having breakfast with Alfredo Castillo? It seems that the discourse of closeness to the
Obrador and the 4T project is also getting low, and is that while not hope already nothing of it, following disappointing us.
Things in the local Congress have not painted anything good for the citizens, the counterweights are simplified and who should serve the people, serve the same as always; It is not greed, because it is not ego, because it is not ambition, isn’t evil. «sospechosismo» is important, what seemed to be only Machiavellian assumptions and thoughtful signs not giving rise to repentance, are today made. «Virrey» Castle comes to harvest the fruit of seeds sown in his fiefdom, in Michoacan, its tentacles are spreading, it wants to strengthen its control in the Government security apparatus at the same time of the already possessed in organized crime. The «Viceroy» takes care of one’s own, needs servants, these arrive on their own, they give in to their feet.
Everything that happened in the Congress has name, errors and the fiasco of the left, the functions of circus of the defunct Coalition «Together we will make history», from the distribution of spaces to the fleshly Prosecutor, all. Ignorance and innocence are twins, one is good, the other is bad, however, both end up take you to the same place, the precipice. The caucus of the MORENA is betting on gatopardo «strategy» wound, pragmatism and the bureaucracy, incarnated by who preside over the party in the State and today shared spaces in the Secretariat for welfare, Roberto Pantoja Arzola, were the weapons that wounded him, the perredismo, its epitaph.
Nationwide local scenarios are very similar, the medical part coincides in the diagnosis, the grasshoppers are still there, no matter how much sleep, waking up, like the dinosaur, they are still there. The mother of all battles looming, the BRUNETTE and the MORENA, its founders and activists of strain, are called upon to fight it, ignorance and innocence, before the perversity, the conviction and ideals should be presents, the closing of ranks must be it fortress which feed the morale of the dark-skinned to be discussed between rescue party that along with Obrador founded, as well as the project of the 4T and obradoristas occasion careerists opportunism, as Portillo, expect as reptiles on the lookout for prey devour is the only Institute political in which the citizenship moderately trust to continue satisfying needs personal. If the BRUNETTE is perrediza, democracy dies.
Part of being different, represent a change, also comes with Forms. The «Viceroy» visit his fiefdom, comes in search of vassals, no matter the color of the garment, but his loyalty to money and power, loyalty that can expire in three years when elections are held for Governor, loyalty that can be changed to the highest bidder fictional loyalty of the grasshoppers, loyalty to Castle, for the moment, not bother you. Nothing justifies its proximity, nothing justifies such meetings, the «Viceroy» represents everything bad in the old regime and burn incense only puts relief servility, greed, selfishness, but above all, his perversity, of the Pan, own of the PRI, of the PRD, of those not built the MORENA walking with ‘Regeneration’ under the shoulder, typical of the conservatives.
I read it, and after analyzing it, I affirm, «virrey» castle was in Michoacan, shared agenda with the mucus Orihuela and the Portillo, Government of the State, crisis of governance, security, Congress and possible candidate for Governor were included in this, are coffee and toast is photographed, planned and mocked up to all of us. When cynicism exceeds them, perversity is hidden under the table, when his ambition is stronger than their morale, «Viceroy» is their servants, when the conviction and unity are stronger than that, there is carnage of grasshoppers. The personal is political, the political does not distinguish gender, size, measure waist or front, you filias or religious preferences, or it is or not, with nuances, not to lie, not to steal not to betray. Morenistas, «Winter is coming»

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