translated from Spanish: They released two persons deprived of liberty in Tamaulipas

Fishing, Tampaulipas.-the Secretary of Navy of Mexico reported that in an action coordinated with the military of the Secretariat of the defence national police personnel, police Federal Division gendarmerie and State police in Tamaulipas, released two people who were deprived of their liberty, and stopping a suspected hijacker, also said a handgun and a vehicle. Note that this action was derived after the installation of a Naval security, Naval police, at the road section Soto La Marina – La Pesca.Las federal forces realized that a vehicle approaching at high speed, regressed changing address with a sharp turn of 180° to accelerate to get away, so it began the persecution of the vehicle. This action culminated in vicinity of the town of fishing, Tamaulipas, arresting a suspected hijacker which was read primer on human rights who attend the detainee and freeing two people who were private of its freedom.

Federal corporations participated in the arrest of the alleged kidnapper in Tamaulipas. | Reform

The arrested person, vehicle, gun and ammunition secured were put at the disposal of the competent authorities, in order to integrate the appropriate investigation folder.

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