translated from Spanish: A plane had faults in landing and ended up in the river

The Miami Air airline Boeing 737 fell to the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida, after a failure at the time of landing. According to the first reports, there were no serious casualties as the river was not completely immersed or damaged that could cause fires, which would have made the situation more dangerous.

Jacksonville Airport, Florida.-737 Miami Air operating for the U.S. Department of Defense went off track when landing with 143 occupants. The plane came from Guantanamo, Cuba. The aircraft ended up in the waters of the St. Johns River. There were no casualties. — Conrado aviation ✈ (@Conradoaviacion)
May 4, 2019

On the plane, 142 people traveled, between passengers and crew members. Most of the passengers were military personnel. The flight came from Guantanamo, Cuba. When the pilot was trying to land at Jacksonville military Airport this Friday night, he swerved off the track and ended up in the water. They still continue with the investigations to determine the motive, although they suspect that the temporary fort passing through that area could have destabilized the aircraft.

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