translated from Spanish: Dam gives birth alone and unattended in Florida jail

Miami.-A woman who was in an individual cell in a prison in southern Florida, United States, gave birth alone and without being cared for by anyone during labor. Tammy Jackson, who according to channel Local10 suffers from bipolarity and schizophrenia, gave birth on April 10 to a baby at the North Broward Bureau, located in Pompano Beach, Broward County, without being taken to a hospital or attended by doctors who t Rabajan with the center. » What happened to Mrs. Jackson is outrageous and inhumane, «the public defender of this county, Howard Finkelstein, said in a letter that he sent to the local marshal, Gregory Tony, and in which he regretted that the woman» was forced to give birth to her baby alone. » According to the public defender, the labors of Jackson, held since March 27 on charges for violation of private property and possession of drugs, began the dawn of that day and about 3.30 in the morning, local time, the employees left a messages To a health contractor instead of transporting her to the hospital. » Six hours and 54 minutes after asking for help, members of the Broward Sheriff’s office notified the medical staff that Mrs. Jackson was holding her newborn baby in her arms, having given birth without medication or assistance, «lamented the Defender in his missive sent on Friday. Finkelstein pointed out that the woman’s pregnancy was at term, that the staff was warned of her condition and that, even so, her health «was not only cruelly ignored, but that her son’s life was also put in grave danger.» The defender demanded an immediate review of «the medical and isolation practices in all detention centers» in the county, a neighbor of Miami-Dade, in order to «ensure that no mother suffers the proof that Mrs. Jackson survived.» Spokespersons from the sheriff’s office noted that they were aware of the incident two days after it occurred and initiated an internal investigation.

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