translated from Spanish: Diplomatic association sends letter to Chancellor Ampuero to be considered in new Presidential travel protocol

After the controversy over the presence of two children of President Piñera in the tour of Asia, and the announcement of the representative to prepare a new presidential travel protocol, the Association of diplomats sent a letter to Chancellor Robert mpuero. In it, as indicated by the third, it is requested to integrate them into these trips, in which so far they have not been considered. “We are aware of the budgetary constraints linked to the good management of public resources that must prevail in all public activities”, they say in the letter, adding that “however, we understand as a priority the participation of the Officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responsible for monitoring and coordinating the agenda of topics to be addressed not only in each of the presidential tours, but also in the external visits made by the high authorities of this secretariat of state. ” In the same line, they explain that “the absence of area directors in the presidential tours, as well as those in charge of carrying the agenda, compromises the good functioning of the Chancellery in its role of, on the one hand, executor of the foreign policy designed by the President of the Republic, and on the other, the Coordinator with other services about the agreements reached. ” Finally, the association of diplomats maintains that it seems “absolutely necessary” for thematic and/or geographical directors to be included in the presidential tours.

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