translated from Spanish: Ephemeris Saturday 4 May 2019

On a fourth of March, but of 1987, President Ronald Reagan recognizes that the United States sold weapons to Iran in exchange for hostages.

Ronald Reagan. Photo: AFP

Other anniversaries: 1493.-Christopher Columbus, back from his first trip to America, is greeted by the king of Portugal in Lisbon. 1741.-The English Corsair Edward Vernon tries to seize Cartagena de Indias, which was defended by Marino Blas de Lezo. 1789.-Enters Force the American Constitution, which begins to operate the union as a set of federated States. 1801.-Thomas Jefferson swears his position in Washington as the third President of the United States. 1826.-The Argentine Congress agrees that Buenos Aires is The capital of the Republic. 1832.-Die Jean Francois Champollion, French Egyptologist. 1846.-Hostilities between the United States and Mexico begin. 1852.-Die the Russian writer Nikolai Vasilevich Gogol. 1853.-recognition of the independence of Paraguay by France, Great Britain and the United States. 1861.-Abraham Lincoln swears as president of the U.S. in the «Inauguration Day». 1869.-Born Eugenio de Castro, poet and Portuguese writer. 1875.-born Enrique Rodríguez Larreta, writer and Argentine politician. 1882.-Dies Alfonso Poitevin, French chemist. 1885.-Guatemala decides to annex El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Honduras and constitute a Federal republic, with the opposition of these countries.-Grover Cleveland assumes the presidency of the United States. 1889.-Benjamin Harrison takes possession of the U.S. presidency. 1897.-William McKinley is proclaimed president of the United States. 1901.-The nationalist newspaper «the discussion» publishes its first issue in Havana. 1904.-An earthquake causes thousands of victims in Peru. 1910.-Born Tancredo de Neves, Brazilian politician. 1913.-Woodrow Wilson is proclaimed president of the United States. 1919.-The third Communist International, sponsored by the USSR, was born in Moscow. 1923.-Alfonso XIII gives the title of academic to the physicist German Albert Einstein. 1924.-the Turkish National Assembly, supported by the head of state, Mustafa Kemal, approves the abolition of the caliphate. 1927.-Inaugurated the cable connection of Endem (Germany) with new York. 1929.-A revolution led by ancient Supporters of General Obregón in several states of Mexico against the Government of Portes Gil.-A company is founded in the United States to exploit the Autogiro La Cierva, invented by the Spaniard Juan de La Cierva. 1932.-Born Miriam Makea, singer and activist South African.-Born Ryszard Kapucinski, journalist, writer and Polish historian. 1933.-Franklin D. Roosevelt swears the post of President of the United States. 1942.-The French writer Albert Camus publishes «The Foreigner». 1948.-Agreement between Argentina and Chile About Antarctica. 1960.-A hundred people die and more than two hundred are injured in the explosion of French steam «Le Coudder», loaded with weapons and ammunition, in the Port of Havana. 1974.-The Laborer Harold Wilson replaces the conservative Edward Heath As Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. 1991.-The independentists of Latvia and Estonia expire in the respective plebiscites to separate from the USSR.-José Iglesias dies, Argentinean comedian, who popularized the stage name of «Zorro». 1999.-The Director UNESCO General, Federico Mayor Zaragoza, and several Nobel peace laureates present in Paris the «Manifesto 2000», destined to promote peace in the world. 2001.-Switzerland rejects in referendum its entry into the European Union.-Death Harold Stassen, politician American. 2002.-The Argentinean Tomás Eloy Martínez wins the Alfaguara novel prize with «The Flight of the Queen». 2005.-Argentina successfully performs the exchange of unpaid public debt and exceeds the biggest cessation of its history. 2007.-The Mexican Beatriz Paredes Assumes the presidency of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). 2008.-Ian Paisley announces his resignation as Prime minister Northern and leader of the Democratic Unionist Party. 2011.-Prime Minister Beji Said ESSEBSI begins the transition in Tunisia.

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