translated from Spanish: Herald Muñoz and Presidential option: «I can not dismiss»

The president of the PPD, Heraldo Muñoz, spoke in an interview with the third, where he analyzed the moment and role of the opposition, in addition to a possible loss of leadership in his party, after the vote against the TPP11 in Congress, despite his call or to approve it. On that last topic, Muñoz says that «I would have liked to have clarified doubts that they had (to the members), but had already made a decision, then what was the point. I was willing, «he says. As for his role as one of the leaders of the opposition, Muñoz believes that the new «progressive platform» seeks to recover credibility against the citizenry and «talk about the issues that concern the people of the street.» And while highlighting several achievements of the previous government, such as free education, gender equality, vote of Chileans abroad, environment, marine protected areas, also considers that there are issues that need to pay more attention, such as security Citizen. «I think there is a problem, particularly on the left, that is believing that issues like citizen security are right when we are all interested. We have to take this flag of citizen security, says Muñoz. Turning to the rejection of TPP11, the president of the PPD says that «the government took a year to resolve the legitimate doubts that many parliamentarians had regarding the TPP11 and it was not up to the party presidents to get the votes to the Government. When I was a chancellor and there was a treaty that had to be ratified, I was going to get the votes with the benches. This was not done, it was reached at the last minute when some parliamentarians, including my party, already had a forged opinion, good or bad they had already done. » As to whether he believes he lost support within the PPD, Muñoz is emphatic in considering that he is not. «I believe I have not lost leadership within the PPD. In fact, I feel that in the party there have been different positions, but there has been a majority position of support for me, without prejudice that the bank decided what we know and surely there will be times when they will agree with me and others that not, «he said to The third. Finally, as for the possibility of being a presidential candidate, Heraldo Muñoz says he cannot dismiss it, explaining that «I have never had presidential aspirations. I was born and raised in Central station and I have been Chancellor of the Republic sometimes I find an achievement that I never imagined. » In the same line, stresses that «the one that life has put me in a situation where some believe that I should be a presidential candidate is something that I recognize, exists, and I do not know what the future will do and I say honestly. Can I totally rule out that I’m not a presidential candidate? No, I can’t rule it out. Because I never thought of being president of the PPD. »

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