translated from Spanish: Joaquín Furriel’s unprecedented and unpleasant anecdote with hot food on a plane

«I throw the strongest story I have,» said Joaquín Furriel on the anecdote that would be told below in NET, the program of Fox Sports conducted by Germán Paoloski. No doubt he exceeded the expectations of everyone on the floor and the viewers who followed him from his home. If you’re impressionable, don’t read what happened to this actor. He was 25 years old and traveled at the end of the year to Southeast Asia with his girlfriend of that time. The night before taking a flight, they were in Bangkok and the actor chose hot plates. Despite the warning of his girlfriend reminding her to get on a plane in a few hours. The next morning they hopped on the plane and when the stewardess asked them which menu they were going to choose, Furriel opted for the Vietnamese which included very special dishes. «Strong the soup eh, well-seasoned,» commented the actor and continued to eat. 

When the plane began to descend, Furriel began to feel a little bad. «My love, something happens to you. You’re pale, «warned his bride. «What I did not know is that when you’re up you have everything compressed, but when it comes down to loosen,» explained the actor and continued: «When I wanted to stop the bathroom, the stewardess made me gestures to sit.» «The farther the plane descended, I was coming the evening meal, the Vietnamese dishes, breakfast,» recalled Furriel and added that his girlfriend tried to calm him down to take the landing to go to the bathroom, but he asked him to leave him alone to «concentrate» and that » He won’t get away with anything. » «You’re deconcentrating me and I’m going to shit myself,» the actor explained. But the landing brought the worst: «The plane landed and I literally stayed on a poop mattress.» Furriel detailed how he felt at that moment: «I relieved. For a second I forgot everything and felt relief. »
When that happened, he saw his girlfriend of that moment decomposed by the situation. The passenger who was next to them stopped and left. Those around began to look at what was going on. Gradually the plane emptied and the actor was the last to get off: «I had a short». «I get out of the plane and when I arrive at the door: a staircase. I started to feel a warmth down my legs. She broke down again and I locked myself in the bathroom, «the actor ended the unpleasant story, and closed:» I had a terrible time, Germán. »

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