translated from Spanish: Justin Bieber defended the beating of Chris Brown to Rihanna: «Made a mistake»

Away from the scenes and involved in various polemics with the police and prioizando their sentimental relationship, Justin Bieber is in a moment of difference with his fans around the world, who expect some new work in the short time. However, the Canadian seems to be involved in other things outside the environment, although it is a figure of massive influence. Precisely on this last point, is where more relevance has had, especially in his account of Instagram where it gathers more than 111 million followers and leaves some messages that are not always well received like that made on May 3.
In principle, it seemed a mere comparison on what he considered a great artist, such as singer and producer Chris Brown. Compared to the pop king Michael Jackson with rapper 2Pac, Justin said that the Virginia-born was a mixture of both. Until there, it was only in the photo, although everyone knows the story of Brown and why he was run from the front page. In 2009, the rapper was in pairs with Rihanna and the relationship ended when he delivered a brutal beating, which left a very disturbing image about the singer, practically disfigured. From there, they all stood aside and backed the Barbados. But Justin Bieber didn’t do it.

Rihanna’s photo after the beating of Chris Brown in 2009.

In the same publication, which titled «The Legendary Equation» he dedicated a kind of reflection on Chris Brown’s career with much controversy and repudiation for defending a puncher: «Everyone wants to wait for people to die to give them the credit they deserve. I say it now, when CB die after a full life, they will miss what they have now in front of you all this time… Believe me, you’ll see. People who ignored this man’s talent for a mistake he made… You have to rethink it. I love you Chris Brown. »

The reviews soon arrived, but Justin Bieber is adamant in his decision and supporting his friend, while the networks meet to repudiate the word of the Canadian 25 years, reaching millions of people, mainly young teenagers, with a message Wrong.

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