translated from Spanish: Once again to Pucón the passages: new «training» to municipal officials of Maipú

It seems that they liked the experience, because the cons Ejo Municipal de Maipú approved the third consecutive trip to the Hotel Pucón, under the concept of «training» to its officials.
The so-called «production and Training Service, integration and teamwork», according to the municipality, seeks to «enhance the capacities of officials with more than five years of service in various fields such as leadership, communication, teamwork and Welfare. » Three suppliers were invited to participate through the public market, of which only Torres Castro Servicios Integrals, the same company that organized the activity in the 2018, responded to the quotation with an amount that borders the 48 million of pesos.
Before the start of the vote, the Mayor Cathy Barriga, said that thanks to a «capricious abstention», the trip will have a greater expense in tickets and lodging. «We have a responsibility to protect the municipal coffers. Today only the passage comes out half a million pesos more, then you also have to think about it when you make decisions to abstain when it comes to optimize resources, «said the mayor.
Barriga strongly defended the questioned trip of the 2018, despite the fact that from the internal of the local government he was described as an «activity disguised as training» that meant the expenditure of 46 million pesos, as reported a few months ago the counter.
«These officials lived last year an experience that was enriching, which was gratifying, that was motivating, especially in the social area in which we work (…) Any resource invested in our community, in our officials who are those who provide these services, for me, are not monies that should be questioned, completely adjusted to law, «he added.
The tears and annoyance of Cathy’s tummy 
The council meeting was tense, with revolves between the same belly and the councillors Abraham Donoso and Marcela Silva, who questioned the relevance of the activity.
Donoso emphasized the inequality that exists for officials who are unable to access the trip because they do not meet the number of years of service required. «The beneficiaries are 100, not the 600 plant officials. Every five years an official will be able to have access to this and from five years to ten can spend two steps, so that perhaps will not stay in time this benefit, «he said.
Alderman Silva, meanwhile, consulted Barriga on the financing of the passage of his young son and his caretaker in the «Capacitación»del 2018, to which the mayor responded that, «I ask you to wash your mouth before talking about my son , every expense of my son is financed by this mayor. »
«It is public knowledge of our neighbors that I work with my son part of my office I have it suitable for him and it affects me, I’m mom,» said the mayor in tears by referring to the fact that his son is subject in discussion.
Despite the various criticisms about the trip, the Council approved the activity. The same Cathy Barriga, and the councillors Horacio Saavedra, Alejandro Almendares, Herman Silva, Pedro Delgadillo, Ariel Ramos, Erto Pantoja, Karen Garrido and Marcela Silva gave the go to the new trip.
«I’m going to approve because they deserve it. The municipal official more than ever has a social sense in our commune, «concluded the mayor.
The only one to vote against was Abraham Donoso, who made the decision in consideration of the 600 officials who do not qualify to attend the activity.
Pleasure Trip 
The mayor of the commune, Freddy Campusano, who will be awarded 25 years of service as an official, expressed his deep discomfort at the recent decision of the city Council. «I feel ashamed in my status as a public official, I find this superfluous and millionaire expense for a pleasure trip unpresentable,» he posted on his Facebook account.
«The ethical deficit faced by public bodies in general is closely related to a certain disconnection with the central objectives that citizens expect from us,» he added.
He regretted that the trade union leaders «Limosnearan a trip.» «It may be unpopular for my award-winning colleagues, but if we are asking for profound changes in society and State institutions, we must start with the example,» he concluded.

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